Spa and Monza plan ghost races: “Fake News” trouble

Spa and Monza plan ghost races:

In Italy, people are annoyed about false reports that the Grand Prix was canceled in 2020: Monza is currently planning a ghost race, just like Spa-Francorchamps

There won’t be a race with euphoric Tifosi in 2020

Has the Italian Grand Prix for 2020 been canceled? The Italian automobile association is now defending itself against such false reports and is referring rumors to the realm of fables: according to the current status, the Formula 1 race is taking place in Monza as planned – although most likely without spectators.

“We are convinced that Monza will still be there, albeit almost securely behind closed doors,” said Association President Angelo Sticchi Damian to ‘Sky Sport 24’. “We don’t know why false reports about a possible absence of the Italian Grand Prix have appeared on the calendar.”

Formula 1 promoter Liberty Media announced its new calendar plans for the current season on Monday. Races in Europe are on the program in July, August and early September. There was no sign of an end to the Grand Prix in Monza planned for September 6th.

However, Italy is one of the countries hardest hit by the corona crisis in Europe. But while France and Belgium, for example, have banned major events beyond the Formula 1 date, there is still nothing to ripe about in Italy in the future.

Sticchi Damian hopes that the crisis will be over by September, but of course cannot make a forecast. “As of today, however, we are preparing for a Grand Prix behind closed doors. It is our duty and we are working towards that. We would like to accept any miracle.”

The same applies to the Belgian Grand Prix scheduled a week earlier. The country has banned major events, but Grand Prix director Vanessa Maes emphasizes that this does not mean the end of the run: “We are still in talks with FOM and the government about a Grand Prix behind closed doors “she says to ‘La Derniere Heure’.


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