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Spain lives the day with less light consumption so far this century due to the economic slowdown

Spain lives the day with less light consumption so far this century due to the economic slowdown

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High voltage network tower.

The economic slowdown has led Spain to record the day with less electricity consumption so far this century. In the middle of Easter and with the whole country in a business hibernation to stop the spread of the coronavirus, electricity demand returned to the levels of the year 2000, below even those that were recorded during the years of the Great Recession.

This Sunday a peninsular demand for electricity was only 474 gigawatt hours (GWh), according to the records of Red Electrica de Espana (REE). No day in the last 20 years has consumed less electricity in Spain, according to sources from the national electricity system operator, who confirm the information advanced by the specialized agency Montel.


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Sunday was the last day of hibernation of business activity across the country. Since this Monday, the return to face-to-face work has been activated in half of the communities and the regions in which Easter Monday is still a holiday will be added. The electricity sector takes for granted a recovery in demand in the coming days, but still well below normal levels.

The economic blackout has been sinking electricity consumption in Spain in recent weeks. The restrictions of the alarm state and the Easter holidays brought the demand for electricity to 3,552 gigawatt hours (GWh) during the past week, which represents a drop of 7.6% compared to the previous week and a 16, 4% below Easter last year.

In addition to the lower consumption due to the business stoppage, there is also a change in the way of consuming that is reflected in the fact that the decreases are not noticeable the same throughout each day. The falls are very different depending on the time of day: the largest falls are concentrated in the morning as a reflection of the economic blackout caused by the health crisis and restrictions, while in the afternoon consumption is similar to what it was before the state alarm.


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