Spaniards traveled 1.1% less in 2019, but spent 2.4% more

Spaniards traveled 1.1% less in 2019, but spent 2.4% more

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Residents in Spain made 193.9 million trips in 2019, 1.1% less than a year earlier, but the expenditure made grew 2.4% to reach 48,066 million euros, according to data provided this Friday by the National Statistics Institute (INE).

The Familitur survey indicates that in 2019 overnight stays exceeded 793.9 million, 0.3% less than a year earlier. 89.6% of the trips had Spain as their main destination and the remaining 10.4%, abroad.

Thus, trips to an internal destination accumulated 81.8% of overnight stays and 66.6% of total spending, with an average daily expense of 49 euros; while trips abroad accounted for 18.2% of nights and 33.4% of the amount spent, with an average of 111 euros per day.

The main reasons for the trips were leisure (51.7% of the total) and visits to family or friends (34.5%).

The former concentrated 60.1% of total spending, with 66 euros of average daily outlay. On business trips, the average cost was 117 euros, the highest.

Residents opted for non-market accommodation in 59.7% of total trips, which accumulated 59.6% of overnight stays and the lowest average daily expenditure (31 euros).

In transfers with hotel accommodation, the average daily cost rose to 133 euros.

Within Spain, spending on bars and restaurants represented the highest percentage of total spending (26.5%), followed by the amount invested in accommodation (24.9%) and transportation (21.8%).

In the trips abroad, the item with the greatest weight was spending on transportation (29.0%), followed by accommodation (21.1%) and tourist packages (17.4%).

The second quarter -April, May and June- was in which the highest average daily expenditure was made, both for trips within Spain (59 euros) and abroad (137 euros).

On the other hand, in the third quarter -July, August and September- the lowest average expenses occurred, 41 euros in Spain and 97 abroad.

By Autonomous Community, Andalusia was the destination of 16.9% of all trips made in 2019, followed by Catalonia (13.0%) and the Valencian Community (10.2%).

Those that received the fewest national tourists were La Rioja (0.8% of the total), the Comunidad Foral de Navarra (1.5%) and the Balearic Islands (1.7%).

In Madrid (75 euros), the Canary Islands (72) and the Balearic Islands (69), the highest average expenses occurred, while in Castilla La Mancha and Castilla y Leon, with 37 euros in each, and in Extremadura, with 41, the lowest.

The people of Madrid were the most travelers throughout 2019, and they accumulated 18.2% of the transfers, followed by the Catalans (17.3%) and the Andalusians (15.3%).

However, the highest average daily expenditure was made by residents of the Balearic Islands (74 euros a day), the Canary Islands (73) and Catalonia (68), and the lowest were Aragon (54), Extremadura (55) and the Basque Country and Murcia (both with 56).



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