strict measures could govern the reopening of schools

Does National Education really ask to dedicate one sanitation per student after May 11?

A passerby in front of the Anatole-France school in Frontignan, in the south of France, on April 19.

These rules apply to the management of student reception, the layout of classrooms, the circulation of students, sports and cultural activities, recreation and even the disinfection of premises.

Repeated hand washing during the day, prohibited games, disinfection of equipment between each child …: very strict hygiene rules are put forward in a working document of the health protocol which will frame from the May 11 reopening of schools. The protocol, which is to be officially unveiled on Friday by the Minister of Education, is largely based on the recommendations given by the Scientific Council on Saturday, responsible for enlightening the government.

This document, unveiled Thursday by The world and of which the AFP has obtained a copy, is intended for academies, school directors, school heads and local authorities. It highlights the “The need for very close collaboration between national education services and local authorities”.

After the Prime Minister’s announcements on deconfinement in schools on Tuesday, teachers’ unions and parents of students demanded a precise protocol in order to be able to organize “concretely” in the field. These hygiene rules cover the management of student reception, arrangement of classrooms, student circulation, sports and cultural activities, recreation or cleaning / disinfection of premises.

Wearing a mask

Students will “At least wash your hands on arrival, before and after each visit to the toilet, before and after each meal, after recess, after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing, or after handling possibly contaminated objects, and finally before going home. ” But “If there are not enough water points, the use of an alcoholic solution may be considered, including for the youngest, under the close supervision of an adult”, continues the protocol.

For elementary school students, “Wearing a mask is not compulsory, but children can wear it if they wish” and “For nursery school students, wearing a mask is difficult and even not recommended”. Teachers and non-teaching staff must wear a mask. It is requested to “Ban ball games and contact games” and of “Ensure that there is no exchange of personal items” during recess.

More globally, “Manual exchanges of balloons, toys, pencils etc. should be avoided or accompanied by disinfection procedures after each use ”. In class, you are also asked to “Take care to limit crossings, for example by setting up a direction of circulation inside the class which can be materialized on the ground”. Parents are advised to take their child’s temperature before leaving for school.


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