Taylor Swift railing against her own live album

Taylor Swift railing against her own live album

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Taylor Swift is outraged at the release of new live songs by her former Big Machine Records label.

Taylor Swift has drastically condemned the release of a new live album by her previous label: the songs are said to date from 2008.

“In my opinion … another case of shameless greed in the age of the corona virus. So tasteless, but very transparent”. With these outraged words, Taylor Swift spoke out against the release of her new live album. The album, the singer writes on Instagram, was published without her consent. They apparently had made their own fans aware of this.

“This recording comes from an appearance on a radio show in 2008,” clarified the 30-year-old in her Instagram story. Her former label Big Machine Records had given 2017 as the release date, but the songs actually went online at midnight. Swift further emphasizes that she knew nothing about it: “I just wanted to tell you that this publication was not approved by me.”

Nevertheless, she has an explanation for it: For her it looks as if the label bosses and their sponsors “have seen the latest balance sheets and realized that it wasn’t exactly a wise decision to pay $ 330 million for my music, and that they need money “. Behind her she put a tearful emoji.

Taylor Swift has been under contract with Big Machine Records since she was 15. She had left the label at the end of 2018. However, the company refused to sell her the master recordings of her old songs. The party in possession of these recordings may decide to republish or reproduce them. In other words, Swift currently has no control over the release of their old songs.

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