That is why you must not remove the nose hair yourself

That is why you must not remove the nose hair yourself

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That is why you must not remove the nose hair yourself.

From a purely visual point of view, many people would love to forego the wild growth that the nose produces. The nose hair plays an important role! They serve as filters to protect the respiratory tract from the smallest particles such as dust and dirt.

Hair growth in the nose is a “problem” that does not only affect men. Women also try to effectively counter this beauty eyesore. Incorrectly removing the hairs can have serious consequences – and may even lead to death, as “” now reports.

You must not remove your nose hair like this

With age, the hair on the body increases. This also affects the production of the nasal hair, which is gradually felt to be annoying. After all, the small hairs are not only considered unattractive as soon as they grow out of the nasal cavities, they can also cause unpleasant tickling and itching.

For many, reaching for tweezers is the last resort to get rid of unwanted growth. After all, this also works with other hair on the face – such as the eyebrows. If the roots are plucked together with the hair, this also prevents rapid regrowth.

Alternatively, some people also use warm wax to catch several hairs. With a strong jerk you only have to endure the pain once. Even celebrities like Anke Engelke (54) prefer this method of nose hair removal, as the actress revealed only a few months ago in a radio interview with Barbara SchOneberger (46). The moderator was so impressed by the tip that she wanted to do the same to the comedian. However, this should not become a role model! Because it is better not to swear by these two methods. And for a good reason.

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Small injuries can lead to serious inflammation

Plucking and waxing creates a small wound that can quickly become inflamed due to entering bacteria. This infection is possible even with other appropriate hair removals on the body. But it can cause particularly devastating damage to the nose because the bloodstream here is connected to that of the brain. In the worst case, the infection does not migrate further up there and cause life-threatening meningitis.

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Remove nasal hair: how it works properly!

Instead of plucking or waxing, careful pruning should be considered when removing the nasal hair. A clean pair of scissors or an electric nose hair trimmer offer a far safer alternative to hair removal, since the entire root is not immediately removed here. This avoids the risk of a dangerous infection, but the personal ideal of beauty is still preserved. Another advantage: the nasal hair retains part of its natural function as a dirt filter.

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