That’s why you need glasses with blue light lenses right now

That's why you need glasses with blue light lenses right now

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Blue filter glasses: that’s why you need one

Anyone who works in the office knows the feeling when, after a long day in front of the computer, your eyes burn and your head grumbles. And that’s not getting any better: In times of Corona, we also hold our meetings in front of the screen, meet our friends digitally and even do sports in front of the screen. We are much more exposed than ever to the harmful HEV radiation from cell phones and computers.

The problem: The blue light from the screens of smartphones and computers damages the eyes and disrupts the sleep-wake rhythm. Blue filter glasses are designed to protect against this. But is that really necessary and how exactly does it work? We asked an expert. Benny Bendt, optician and specialist at the online optician Mister Spex explains what you need to know about blue light filters.

What is blue light?

Did you know that normal daylight also contains blue light? “It is called HEV light (High Energy Visible Light, in English: high-energy visible light) and makes up half of the sunlight spectrum. The rest are the well-known UVA and UVB rays and infrared light,” says Bendt. So blue light is inevitable – and always has been.

However, there is a problem with digitization: the screens of telephones, computers and televisions also emit blue light. In the past it had no negative effects in a “natural” dose, now we get too much of it and the eyes suffer.

How bad is blue light for the eyes?

Blue Light is suspected of causing eye disorders and sleep disorders. “Some studies suggest that in the long run, HEV light can damage the retina and thus promote age-related macular degeneration (retinal detachment).” So far, however, this has not been waterproofed.

What smartphones and other displays definitely have an impact on is the quality of sleep. “Blue light influences the internal clock, since it suggests daylight to the body just in the evening, before going to bed, and thus the release of the sleep hormone melatonin is inhibited,” explains the expert.

First of all, you should now set your phone to automatically switch to night mode a few hours before bedtime. Blue light is then filtered out directly. Your display will appear a little yellow, but you will sleep better. Now you can think about getting blue filter glasses.

For whom are blue filter glasses useful?

“Blue filters make sense if you spend many hours a day on your PC, notebook, tablet or cell phone. Even if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the sunlight,” says Bendt. So actually for everyone. By the way: blue filter glasses are also available without strength. For example, you can just get them for the workplace if you don’t need glasses at all.

What does blue filter glasses do?

Expert Bendt: “The eyes feel less stressed and are much more relaxed in front of the monitor at the end of a long working day. It is also easier to fall asleep.”

How exactly do blue filter glasses work?

“In the case of glasses with a blue filter, the blue radiation of UV light is filtered in the relevant wavelengths above 400 nanometers,” explains the optician, adding: “Two versions of the blue filter are available on the market: either a coating is applied to the glass which filters out part of the blue light or the filter is incorporated directly into the glass material itself. “

Is the blue filter also available for contact lenses?

There are some of them already on the market, but not yet as a mass product.

Do blue filter glasses work with all glasses?

Yes, you can actually order the blue filter now and everywhere for a small surcharge.

What are the disadvantages of blue filter glasses?

Blue filter lenses are slightly tinted – if you take a closer look you can see a slight yellow tinge in light frames. This is not noticeable with a dark frame. Below we have put together a small selection for you.

The most beautiful glasses with blue light filter:

Rare headache and sleep better: Blue filter glasses can have a big impact on your quality of life and the glasses cost little more than conventional glasses.


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