The 5 keys to ‘Gaman’, the Japanese philosophy that teaches you to overcome difficulties

The 5 keys to 'Gaman', the Japanese philosophy that teaches you to overcome difficulties

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The Ikigai, the Japanese philosophy that teaches you to live longer, has become one of the currents that has found the most adherents around the world. Several books and manuals have been written on the principles of this lifestyle, which is based on look for your reason for being and your place in the world. A nice motivation to get up every morning with a smile and charged batteries that you can complement with the 7-step routine to be happier. However, there are other concepts and philosophies from the eastern country, perhaps less popular but just as useful in a situation like the one we have lived through. Today, we are going to focus on one of them, the Gaman, and the 5 keys that you must take into account to put it into practice.

Linked to the roots of Buddhism, this word refers to the ability to face, with patience and dignity, the different setbacks or obstacles that life presents you. However, far from being an individualistic question, the gaman it implies a global concern for those around us. Maintain a sympathetic attitude and take into account the problems and needs of others, trying not to be ourselves a burden and repression of our most selfish desires, despite the difficulties that arise. An attitude that not only applies to catastrophes and situations as exceptional as the one we have just had to live through, but can also be put into practice in moments as everyday as attending a meeting in which you do not feel comfortable or attending a meeting. phone call that you don’t like.

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To apply it in your day to day, you just need to put into practice the 5 keys that make up this philosophy:

1- Self-control: don’t despair, master your own emotions and let the rational part of your brain take over.

2- Patience: It is, in all probability, one of the most difficult skills to develop if you are not used to it. Especially considering the hectic pace at which we are moving today. To achieve this, you can practice some techniques recommended by professionals such as focusing on the present moment, listening carefully, assuming that you do not have total control over things or avoiding worrying about things that you do not control and dealing with them when you have the opportunity.

3- Resistance: promote your ability to resist in the most difficult moments.

4- Resilience: This word refers to your ability to positively accept negative circumstances and events such as the death of a family member. Something that requires gathering all your inner strength.

5- Ability to overcome: Every day, try to do something to help you feel a little better. Either completing an activity that you had pending or engaging in a task that helps you distract yourself.

  • Ability to overcome and try do something every day to feel a little better.


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