The CIS, to the rescue of Sanchez with a sneaky blow to freedom of expression

The CIS, to the rescue of Sánchez with a sneaky blow to freedom of expression

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The demoscopic institute led by Tezanos artfully asks citizens if freedom of expression and of the press should be banned at this time.

The attempts of the Pedro Sanchez government to control the information have ended up contaminating the CIS to unknown ends. “Do you think that at the moment, the dissemination of hoaxes and misleading and unsubstantiated information by the networks and the social media should be prohibited, referring all information about the pandemic to official sources, or do you think that total freedom must be maintained for the dissemination of news and information? ”

The question asked by the demoscopic institute directed by Jose Felix Tezanos denotes a strong viral load unknown until now in the crisis. A lawyer said yesterday that, “in addition to being biased because it presupposes that good information is official, it violates a basic right in any democracy and in article 20 of our Constitution, such as freedom of expression and of the press.

I have seen formulas that worked in some places, some called it Pravda, others Granma …, but in a democratic country that an official institute dares to ask that and in the way that it does to the population it is worrying. ” 66.7% answered in the affirmative If the CIS maintained a small credibility gap, it ended up dynamiting it yesterday and not only because of the aforementioned issue.

In order to come to the aid of a government that is beginning to be burned, not only because of the management of the epidemic but also because of the doubts raised by its ability to face the subsequent economic crisis, the demoscopic institute has not hesitated to suspiciously advance two weeks the cooking of the survey (it was not expected to come out until the end of the month). And in this process everything points to the fact that the CIS stove has abused spices to alleviate the inevitable wear and tear of the Executive, trying to make up and dilute its responsibilities.

In this sense, the CIS says that practically half of the Spanish are satisfied with Sanchez’s management in this crisis, to immediately conclude, always according to the “opinion” of the Spanish, that the PP leader, Pablo Casado, would have done equal or worse. In other words, compare facts against expectations.

The CIS, emphasizing this line, points out that 60% of Spaniards believe that Sanchez inspires little or no confidence, but increases those who think the same about Casado to 77%. During these last few weeks, precisely the Government’s strategy has been focused on throwing ground on a management that already weighs heavily on its future in order to avoid loading the balance of victims on it.

The slogan is that the dead are not attributed to them in any way. And for that you need to find other scapegoats. And the CIS also lends itself to this work in question 13, where it asks the Spanish about whether they believe that what the experts say should be followed in this crisis. Up to 88.5% of respondents say that what experts say is what needs to be done. Therefore, the government can already hide behind those who know.

The problem for the Government is that the opinion of the Spaniards that the CIS reflects coincides little with that which in a few days other demonstrative institutes will take out, which show that the percentage of Spaniards (around 70%) who hold management accountable is much higher de Sanchez of the tragic data collected in Spain.

The CIS provides one last service by appealing, on behalf of citizens, to the responsibility of the opposition. 87.8% of Spaniards believe that the rest of the parties must now support the Government. In other words, a blank check for hypothetical new Pacts of the Moncloa. For the rest, for the CIS, which carried out the survey on March 30, everything continues as always: Sanchez is still the most valued leader and winning by a landslide to a PP that improves a few tenths.



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