The covid-19 arouses interest in companies that recreate homes virtually

The covid-19 arouses interest in companies that recreate homes virtually

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Viewtek virtual recreation.

The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has generated great interest from developers and marketers in companies capable of reproducing houses in a virtual way. At this time it is the only way for a hypothetical customer to visit the promotion in which they are interested. The sector begins to see these companies not only as a temporary patch, but as a great business option when the confinement decreed by the state of alarm ends.

The coronavirus has generated a great health and economic crisis in Spain. The real estate sector -especially the residential sector- is one of the most affected. With mobility restrictions it is impossible to teach homes – new and second hand – to people who are interested in buying or renting. The situation is more complicated for developers and marketers in charge of building and selling new construction houses. Its future buyers cannot visit the sales booths and often end up on the company’s website where The ‘renders of the promotions have been somewhat dated. Faced with this situation, companies dedicated to the recreation of homes in a virtual way, in 3D and with great detail have taken center stage.

One of these companies that has seen its volume of calls and telematic meetings have increased in recent weeks is Viewtek. This ‘proptech’ is capable of reproducing any housing development whatever the stage of production and construction in which the work is. “We offer a comprehensive solution to our clients -promotors and marketers- so that they can transact their homes through our application,” he says. Miguel S. Moreira, CEO and co-founder of Viewtek.

In this sense, the company explains that it not only offers virtual recreation of the houses, but also other types of services that streamline the bureaucracy that a transaction of this magnitude entails. “Our solution not only serves to be able to show a house without the buyer moving from his current home. Thanks to our application too they can buy (remotely and always without being able to write) the chosen home ”, explains the CEO of the company.

In this sense, it stands out its ability to solve bureaucratic procedures that in many cases delay the steps that buyers must complete before they can make the payment of a home reservation. “We are able to solve at the click of a button and in a few minutes the money laundering study, for example. The buyer can upload the necessary documents to our application and we can immediately resolve this issue for customers who work with our tool, “Moreira says.

Among his clients with whom He has already worked are listed promoters such as Neinor or Via Celere and consultants of both prestige and CBRE. Currently AQ Acentor stands out as the main client. In addition, they explain that they have also entered the ‘build to rent’ business with a promotion of homes built by BeCorp in Catalonia. “In this project, our client was able to see how half of the housing reservations were made electronically from the application that we developed for them,” argues the Viewtek co-founder.

This circumstance could pose a threat to the commercial, but Moreira explains that the application also serves these types of employees to understand their buyers. “The commercial can monitor the behavior of their future buyers by studying them through our solution. You can see in what type of property are introduced in the ‘app’: number of rooms, m2, bathrooms… ”, they point out from the company.

The covid-19 crisis has put these companies on the showcase, but not all is good news for them. “It is true that our volume of contacts, meetings and conferences have increased during the confinement measures decreed by the Government. But the ‘protech’ as we live a bittersweet moment because we pretend that our work is not just a short-term solution, but also one more option that enriches the process of selling a home. In this sense, the economic uncertainty that could settle after emerging from this crisis does not help either, ”Moreira explains to idealista / news.


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