The crisis is the new normal

The crisis is the new normal

Every major crisis has changed humanity. Not everything will have to continue in sports as before. A comment.

© Photo: Arno Burgi / picture-alliance / dpa
Where are we going That is the most dominant question.

Commentary by Claus Vetter

Sport is what moves us. It is important in these times and above all it takes place. Wide area. So many people as now have rarely jogged through the landscape before. So many bicycles were rarely traveling at once And of course, sport also takes place in houses, apartments and gardens, fitness exercises are possible everywhere.

All of this is positive and shows how people move and find their way in the new situation. It is a new normal – the crisis has become a new normal.

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Maybe that’s why we all have to rethink. Perhaps that is why the first sports that – realistically speaking – can take place in competition again are the sports for which there is no contact. In any case, between people, Formula 1 is already starting its season. Tennis should therefore be possible again more easily than the contact sport soccer.

Every major crisis has changed mankind and its habits. It must and will not all continue as before. There will be bankruptcies, there will be clubs, there will be media, there will be committed people who will lose a lot.

There will also be no time when we say that everything is back to normal and we are going to continue. That is naive. There will hardly be a return to the old normal. Our new normalcy may not be nice. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have an eye for the beauty and beauty of sport.

On the contrary, we do not have to use the word crisis. What that means for sport: let’s enjoy what goes, runs and drives. Don’t worry, watching other people’s sports is still possible and is becoming possible: the ball will roll again, but beforehand it is reasonable to judge others. Unless, Ghost games counting.


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