The family of the double crime in Almonte asks for justice: “The murderer is still free”

The family of the double crime in Almonte asks for justice:

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A father and daughter were found dead at his home; They had more than 150 stab wounds and the investigators, from practically the beginning, pointed out that it was a crime of passion. The family of the double crime in Almonte (Huelva), in which an eight-year-old girl and her father lost their lives seven years ago this Monday, continue to demand “justice” on this anniversary after it has not yet been foundthe culprit since F.J.M., the only accused of the facts, was acquitted. In a statement, the family has accused the state of remaining “deaf, blind and immobile” in this case and of “keeping his murderer free.”

Despite all “no flavors and slaps” received throughout all this time, according to the note, the family has indicated that they “raise their voices once again and demand that the State to be ashamed to give an answer to its citizens, to some mothers and grandparents victims and broken by the pain before which they have not even obtained the consolation of material justice “.

After a year of investigations, the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard arrested F.J.M., who had an extramarital relationship with the wife and mother of the victims, and in 2017 a popular jury found him not guilty, subsequently passing an acquittal by the Huelva Hearing, becoming firm when confirmed by the Supreme Court. Behind this, the investigating judge of the case ordered its reopening in order to find the culprit, while the family indicated that they have had to “seek the resources available and to have to continue in the fight and for this reason we have wasted personal, economic, physical and mental effort to find a loophole of judicial protection.”

In this fight, they have placed themselves under the legal direction of the Sevillian firm Bidón Abogados and expect the coroner Francisco Exteberría carry out an analysis again of different elements found in the house, something that will be done once the alarm state ends. At the same time, they have called on the UCO to “do not give up a bit in your work within the new research implemented.