The five best positioned candidates to be the coronavirus vaccine

The five best positioned candidates to be the coronavirus vaccine

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The measures of lack of confidence that are beginning to be carried out and to be considered in some countries of Europe are only the beginning of a long race to overcome the health crisis that has caused, and that will continue for the next few months, the coronavirus. And given that, there is only one possible way out to return to normality: a vaccine that eradicates Covid-19.

Currently, as published this Monday The worldthere is even 70 vaccine proposals that they are trying to develop around the world. The problem with this ‘race’ is that the average time a vaccine is usually developed is ten years, something unfeasible now if the intention is to save as many lives as possible and return to that longed-for normality.

Of the 70 possible vaccines being investigated, there are some that have gone a step further. Specifically, these have the permits to start testing them on humans. Specifically, there are five possible vaccines that are ahead of the rest: one China which is being developed by the CanSino Biologics company and the Military Academy of Medical Sciences of the Liberation Army, the americans of Moderna Therapeutic and the National Institutes of Health -NIAID- and that of the pharmaceutical Inovio Pharmaceuticals (which has funds from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), the british from the Jenner Institute at Oxford University (which has already started with these human tests) and the last one, which is developed jointly between the German BioNTech and the American Pfizer.

Estimated date for definitive vaccines

The latter, that of BioNTech and of Pfizer He estimates that, at best, the vaccine could be ready by the spring of 2021. But the one that seems to be leading this race is the Chinese one, since it is the only one that has completed the first phase of the trials. clinical and will enter the second phase shortly, which consists of determining which vaccine doses are most effective and which will establish the immunization regimen.

Specifically, a high-ranking Chinese Ministry of Health recently indicated that the authorities of the Asian giant plan to obtain the vaccine for Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, in early 2021.


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