The Government admits that Turkey has retained a plane with respirators that were from Spain

The Government admits that Turkey has retained a plane with respirators that were from Spain

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The Turkish authorities have blocked in Ankara a plane from China loaded with respirators purchased by Spain, informed the Foreign Minister, Arancha Gonzalez Laya, who expressed the hope that “within a few weeks” this material will be sent to us .

Laya reported this Friday at a press conference of the paralysis of this plane, which was blocked in Ankara by the Turkish Government when it was stopping in that city loaded with material acquired by autonomous communities such as Navarra, “due to their concern (from the Turkish Government ) to be able to supply their own health system ».

She added that both she and the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, have spoken on this matter three times this week with their Turkish counterparts, and the result of these talks was the shipment that last Wednesday transported a Turkish military aircraft to Madrid.

The plane has been held in Ankara for six days, where it stopped over from China, and was loaded with respirators

However, this aircraft landed at the Torrejon de Ardoz base with 250,000 face masks, 20 anatomical masks, 750 eye shields, 2,000 PPE protective suits and 1,000 liters of antibacterial fluid. Without respirators.

Turkey sent this material in response to Spain’s request for help to NATO, a call that has only been answered so far by this country and the Czech Republic.


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The minister assured that the Government of Turkey has indicated that “for now” these respirators will not leave the country since the priority now is their patients, but that “within a reasonable period of time, within a few weeks, they will put on that material available to Spain ».

As for whether the operation of the air corridor with China for the transport of medical equipment to Spain is guaranteed, Laya has said yes and has pointed out the “good news” that the Asian country has decided to introduce quality control measures for their products and also to order the arrival and departure of flights.

“We have established the channels so that the supply that we have bought in China continues to flow regularly and normally to Spain,” assured the minister.

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