the government has a tentative date for back to school

the government has a tentative date for back to school

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(200316) – BUENOS AIRES, March 16, 2020 (Xinhua) – Image of March 16, 2020 of an empty classroom in a school, in the city of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. The Argentine government launched on Monday the pedagogical platform “We continue to educate” and the emission of special programs on public radio and television signals, due to the suspension of face-to-face classes to mitigate the spread of the disease caused by the new coronavirus (COVID-19) . (Xinhua / Martin Zabala) (mz) (ra) (rtg) (ce)

For a month there have been no classes in the country and in the short term the children will not return to schools due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. But, at least, there is already a tentative date for the return. The Minister of Education, Nicolas Trotta, stated that activity could be resumed in schools in August.

“There is no certainty but an alternative is for classes to return after the winter break date. You have to go through the winter, “Trotta explained in the program” Ahora Dicen “(Futurock).

The minister appreciated that knowledge can be recovered, “but not lives”, so he did not rule out that those students who are in the last year of primary or secondary school must do one more quarter in 2021 to make up for lost time due to from quarantine.

“There may be some delays, but it’s not that they won’t be received. For the knowledge that we cannot finish this year, we have next year. But those who are finishing a cycle this year may have to have one more quarter next year, “he explained.

In San Juan, the Minister of Education, Felipe De los Rios, explained in local media that President Alberto Fernandez and Minister Trotta “are proposing that classes be resumed after the July holidays, and that they be resumed” and therefore “in August there will be a high probability that the attendance will return. ”

“The health area is prioritized in Argentina and then the production sector will come and the penultimate area is Education because it is a sector that demands a lot of public transport and the conditions during admission hours make it come together,” explained De los Rios At the same time, he indicated that they are working hard on “inverted classroom teaching and a digital classroom”, something that had to be advanced as a result of “the emergency”.

Given this scenario, he pointed out that the end of the year exam tables could be affected. “The cycle normally ends from December 5 to 10 and then the exam tables come. If incorporated, this whole organization of exams will be exceptional. The tables may have to meet in a calendar year and not in two parts and this will then bring difficulties, “he remarked.


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