The Government lowers port rates for the coronavirus

The Government lowers port rates for the coronavirus

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The Government has introduced incentives in the port system to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 on the accounts of operators and shipping companies.

The main novelty, which is part of the battery of measures that are expected to be approved tomorrow by the Council of Ministers, is the reduction of up to 20% of the occupancy rate on merchandise and up to 60%, for passage . It is a transitory measure, while the state of alarm lasts, but that port operators have been demanding for a long time to incentivize traffic.

The decree states that “the occupancy rate of concessions or authorizations may be reduced, in those with respect to which a significantly negative impact on their activity is proven as a consequence of the Covid-19 crisis.” The reduction must be approved by each port authority.

Due to the occupation rate, which represents 5.5% of the value of the occupied land, the system collects about 270 million a year.

In addition to the occupancy rate, the Government has approved an exemption from the vessel fee for those vessels that have had to moor or anchor due to the virus. For ships that continue to operate, a coefficient of 1.16 will be applied per “extended stay”.

In addition, a stopover value of 1.08 euros will be applied to the “basic amount S of the vessel tax” and to vessels with regular passenger or road traffic, of 0.6 euros.

The royal decree also contemplates a postponement of up to six months in port tax debts without interest for delay or requirement of guarantees. On the other hand, the concessionaires will not be penalized for not complying with the minimum traffic set out in the concession contracts.



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