The Government proposes a provisional minimum vital income until it can approve a permanent

The Government proposes a provisional minimum vital income until it can approve a permanent

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The Government has raised unions and NGOs the urgent implementation of a provisional minimum vital income that protects the most vulnerable people and which it calls “minimum vital income (IVM) bridge “ until a permanent measure can be articulated, as stated in a statement by the Vice Presidency for Social Rights and for the 2030 Agenda.

Thus, he points out that the vice president of Social Rights and for the 2030 Agenda, Pablo Iglesias; the Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Diaz; and the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, Jose Luis Escriva, On Thursday, they held meetings with the unions Comisiones Obreras and UGT, and with the organizations of the Third Sector Caritas, Cermi, Oxfam, AEPN, Facua and the Third Sector Platform.

The Executive recognizes that the technical guarantees and the high degree of political, social and institutional consensus that the development of the IMV requires could imply an approximate term of three months for approval. For this reason, it defends the advisability of launching, urgently, a Bridge Minimum Life Income (IMVP) that guarantees that the most vulnerable people have income with which to face this crisis.

Vulnerable persons

In any case, it ensures that the coalition government maintains its commitment, included in the government, to implement a permanent Minimum Living Income (IMV).

However, he points out that the Covid-19 crisis has revealed that it is necessary to act now so that the vulnerable people don’t be left behind in this emergency. Therefore, the Government urgently wants to approve a Minimum Bridge Vital Income that remains in force until the approval of the definitive IMV and “thus completes the social shield that the government so that no one is left unprotected in this crisis. “

NGO and union support

“All entities attending both meetings, both unions as organizations of the Third sector, They have shown their full support for this extraordinary measure, while sharing the need to implement a permanent Minimum Life Income as soon as possible, “assures the Vice President of Social rights.

It also adds that the vice president of Social Rights, Pablo Iglesias, has been able to verify, through telephone conversations, that large entrepreneurs from very relevant economic groups also see this measure as appropriate and positive. In this sense, he points out that the vice president has exchanged documents with the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, with whom he is in contact.

For its part, the Third Sector Platform, of which they are part 30,000 NGOs hhas confirmed this Thursday its support for the extraordinary social income that the Government is finalizing but has demanded that the new extraordinary social salary can become a stable vital minimum income and durable, that is contemplated in the General Budgets of the State, and that is presented as a subjective right to the protection and guarantee of the basic conditions of vital development.

“The gravity of the moment urges a determined government action to ensure the vital soil and that it does not happen to us again as in the previous crisis, “he stressed. Poyato.

Reinforcement for people with disabilities

For his part, the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI) has insisted that this minimum vital income at the state level takes into account in a reinforced way people with disabilities or in situations of dependency, as happens with many other social benefits.

During the meeting, the CERMI It has thanked the Government that disability has been taken into account as the operator of this dialogue and has valued that, “after decades of waiting and omissions, the guarantee of a minimum income in the State, “that did not exist, beyond insufficient autonomous measures”.

Equally, it has insisted that, although to face the “serious social situation“caused by the pandemic special measures are approved, the regulation of the state minimum income” must have a structural and permanent vocation “and must be within Social Security” as a subjective right. “

Finally, the CERMI It has suggested to the Government that social entities can be declared collaborators in the management of this new social benefit, so that it can reach people who are “distant” from the day to day of public administrations.


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