the guide to wear the most chic pants of the moment

the guide to wear the most chic pants of the moment

© Dsquared2
Dsquared2 Cruise 2020

For many, flared jeans they are one of the pants most representative of the seventies Its clean silhouette that extends in the form of a straight line with a wide hem has been forever marked in the history of fashion. Despite the fact that, over time, these jeans have given their place at the top to straight and fitted models, currently the flared jeans have reappeared not only in the street style, but also in the collections of various designers.

Currently the flared jeans are used as a statement to differentiate itself from the cuts attached to the body that have characterized the urban style in recent years, however at the beginning this type of pants It was not designed to conquer the world of fashion. The silhouette of these pants was inspired by the models worn by the United States Navy since mid XIX century until the end of twentieth century that they would be adopted some time later by the younger generations of the sixties as a rejection of the traditional models of the time.

A pair of Levi's flared jeans in September 1972

© Hulton Deutsch
A pair of Levi’s flared jeans in September 1972

For the seventies the Bell bottom pants was already so popular that even Levi’s, the father of jeans, began to bring out his own denim models that soon became a hit both men and women, who found in the flared jeans high-waisted an extraordinary model that favored its silhouette while giving them a distinctive and modern appearance.

The flared jeans They continued to be indispensable elements of the youthful and avant-garde style until the 1990s, when they began to widen to make way for baggy jeans that dominated until the mid-2000s.

The return of the flared jeans It is due to the current trend of taking up silhouettes and retro details that fashion houses such as Gucci, Marina Moscone and Tom Ford. For his Cruise 2020 collection, Dsquared2 presented a whole line of flared jeansStylized with details that mix retro and contemporary elements to create incredible looks.

Dsquared2 Cruise

© Dsquared2
Dsquared2 Cruise

We know that combining flared jeans It may seem complicated if you are more used to wearing ribbed pants so we share some of the tips, secrets and trends that will serve you best to inspire you to incorporate this garment into your outfits during all seasons of the year.

What are the trends in flared jeans for 2020?

Jeans flared at Paris Fashion Week.

© Edward Berthelot
Jeans flared at Paris Fashion Week.

During the last seasons we have seen more and more collections ready to combine flared jeans with all kinds of styles and accessories that do not always refer to the past, this is the key that you must keep in mind to know how to wear this type of pants.

While you sign like Celine and Versace They opted for retro silhouettes that fascinated us with their simple elegance to use on a daily basis, Chanel and Marc Jacobs They went for modern designs that only take the style of previous decades as an inspiration to create sophisticated timeless creations that can be used both in casual contexts and in formal events accompanied by elements such as slim belts or wide shirts with embroidered details.

On the other hand, during previous Fashion Weeks we have seen more and more connoisseurs of the style that they adopt to flared jeans as a garment to denote a unique style. These personalities usually accompany their flared jeans with items like long jackets, tweed blazers, black ankle boots and brightly colored heels.

How to wear flared jeans according to celebrities?

Victoria Beckham accompanies her flared jeans with a coat

© Paul Hubble
Victoria Beckham accompanies her flared jeans with a coat

Celebrities have also shown a taste for flared jeans for some time now with different models that have us in love. The designer, singer and style icon, Victoria Beckham, He has chosen on more than one occasion to give a rest to his tight and straight pants using this garment in dark tones that do not fail to highlight the air of sophistication for which it is known.

If you are more used to wearing skinny jeans, choose a pair of skinny flared jeans It can be a good option to keep the line of your silhouette with which you feel most comfortable and at the same time incorporate that unique style detail that this type of pants. Best of all, you won’t need many other clothes or accessories to stand out.

For his part, Eva Longoria She has always been a fan of flared jeans, which she usually uses in different shades that can go from classic blue even light and dark brown tones easy to combine with any accessory and top. During this year, Eva has chosen to wear the flared jeans in bright, light and washed-out blue colors that will dominate during all seasons.

How are flared jeans worn in winter?

Flared jeans in the Dior Fall Winter 2020/21 collection.

© Alessandro Lucioni /
Flared jeans in the Dior fall winter 2020/21 collection.

During the last collection of Dior, the maison French presented a proposal that perfectly encompasses the most outstanding style for the winter. A mix of casual and modern elements in which baggy pants and flared jeans were the star pieces. This collection demonstrated that the cut of the pants that a choice can be crucial to create assemblies capable of incorporating classic details with modern touches capable of departing from the traditional and denoting a refined style.

On other catwalks we have seen fashion houses like Saint Laurent and Chloé highlight wide silhouettes They are not limited only to the pants, but also to the shirts and coats that accompany them. Definitely light colors will be a major trend in the winter.

If you plan to incorporate flared jeans to you street style During this season, a shirt with floral details, a pair of stilettos and a contrasting trench coat in dark or brown color can be a good option to highlight.

How are flared jeans worn in spring?

Celine Spring Summer 2020

© Victor Boyko
Celine Spring Summer 2020

When the models of Celine began to parade down the catwalk using flared jeans Accompanied by thick coats that we would typically associate with autumn or winter, we could do nothing more than applaud their initiative. The French firm demonstrated that for this season there is no written rule that prevents combining flared jeans with more opulent and heavier garments. The clean line of these jeans is perfect to combine with striking elements without saturating them.

Other interesting proposals were those of Roksanda, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, who bet on clothes oversized as sweaters and shirts to accompany your pants. The colors recurring in various collections for this season They were light blues, whites, blacks, and neon tones.

If you want to apply some of the most outstanding spring trends without betraying your most classic and minimalist style, you can start experimenting with your flared jeans with long jackets incorporating striking elements such as embroidery and plush details, the small accessories in bright colors they are also a good option.

How are flared jeans worn in summer?

Dsquared2 Cruise 2020

© Dsquared2
Dsquared2 Cruise 2020

The Canadian firm, Dsquared2, opted for a whole range of flared pants that take us directly to the style of the seventies and which will be perfect to combine this summer with all kinds of accessories perfect to give a striking look to your wardrobe. In its collection, the firm chose to include a bright and contrasting color palette that will work perfectly during the summer. Other houses, like Gucci, they also bet on the retro aesthetic of flared jeans to combine them with various garments in striking shades such as mint, canary yellow and cherry red.

Although they may seem mutually exclusive styles, in the last catwalks we have been shown with the styles preppy they can also work perfectly with flared jeans, so don’t refrain from accompanying them with clothes like turtlenecks, plain shirts and blazers. As for shoes, while long boots and ankle boots can work with a pair of flared jeans with no problem, another great option is oxford shoes accompanied with matching socks.

How are flared jeans worn in the fall?

Roberto Cavalli Fall Winter 2020-2021

© Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli Fall Winter 2020-2021

Disco fever is ready to return in the fall. During the last collection of Roberto Cavalli, the Italian house delighted us with a proposal full of life, mobility and youth where flared jeans were taken to the next level with models complemented by embroidered details and even feathersSo don’t be afraid to stand out more than ever this season. Other relevant details that we appreciated during Fashion Week were flared jeans accompanied with various textures of Animal Print and jewelry.

During the fall you can follow the maximalist trend with elements like shirts with graphic details and raucous colors that capture attention. The flared jeans They are a very versatile and easy to combine piece, so don’t be afraid to dare to wear out-of-the-ordinary clothes with shades, fits and striking details


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