The Local Police will check the trunks so that nobody escapes from Alicante on the bridge

The Local Police will check the trunks so that nobody escapes from Alicante on the bridge

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The Alicante Local Police will review the trunks of the vehicles to ensure that mobility limitations are met and avoid trips or trips to the beach or second homes during the May bridge.

In a statement, the Department of Security has indicated that the mayor, Luis Barcala, has called for “all measures to be strictly followed”.

“We are still in danger, and it is very important to avoid meetings, crowds and respect the rules that are mandatory for everyone this weekend. We should not and cannot afford to step back. It is necessary that we all become aware of how important it is at the moment to continue complying with all the norms that guarantee us to continue winning the battle against this pandemic, “he said.

After the authorization of minors to leave their homes and in anticipation of possible new measures at the weekend, the City Council has adopted a special preventive device to control particularly sensitive areas and that they are closed such as promenades and green areas, beaches and bathing areas, municipal public parks and playgrounds and bio-healthy devices.

The consistory has indicated that the closure of the beaches implies the prohibition of bathing, access and stay in the sandy area, as well as the use of the facilities that are in it. In addition, actions such as fishing or doing any activity are not allowed.

The agents will pay attention and vigilance to those places where crowds of people may occur or in which, for any reason, occupation of public areas may occur without maintaining a safe distance between people or without preventive social distancing.

The Security Councilor, José Ramón González, He has assured that in the broad organized operation “all people who come from other municipalities and are intercepted will be made to return to their places of origin, and we will be very rigorous because we continue in a state of alarm, and we will not leave either no one goes to their second homes on the beaches. “

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