The mask, a necessary condition for deconfinement

The mask, a necessary condition for deconfinement

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The mask, a necessary condition for deconfinement

This is one of the questions that will stir the week. And the next few months. What strategy will Belgium adopt to break out of confinement? We understood that this exit plan would be long, slow, and progressive. But we still don’t know which sectors will be released first, and under what conditions. A National Security Council, scheduled for Friday, is expected to shed some light. The only announced objective is to open the first valve on May 3.

Many municipalities have also decided to provide masks to their citizens.

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Two UNamur scientists tested for The evening different deconfinement models for Belgium. They used a standard epidemiological model, which shows the trend in the number of people infected with the virus. Encoded the specificities of the Belgian population. Then varied this model from May 3, once deciding to put people back to work at 60%, then to impose the wearing of a mask, to carry out massive testing or even to keep people in quarantine older. The number of scenarios is unlimited, but we have retained five here.

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