The move of Djokovic, Nadal and Federer that would benefit 23 Argentine tennis players

The move of Djokovic, Nadal and Federer that would benefit 23 Argentine tennis players

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Djokovic, Nadal and Federer do not forget those below.

In a letter addressed to the players, Novak Djokovic, president of the ATP Players Council, presented his proposals for the creation of an economic support fund for his teammates, after discussing it with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Thus, while the ATP would have allocated a million dollars to help players ranked between 150 and 400 in the world, the big three would seek a support range between 250 and 700.

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“We have to help the players. Many from them They are considering leaving professional tennis because they simply cannot survive financially, “says Djokovic. A few days ago, the Spanish Pablo Carreno addressed this same situation by considering that tennis players are also “self-employed workers”, and that there were many of them, those with the lowest ranking, who in the current situation survived “thanks to their parents”.

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“The first 250 players (most of them at least) played in the qualifying round of the Australian Open this year, which would guarantee them a decent amount of money,” the Serb explained in his letter. Starting at position 250, this is where the real financial battle takes place, “he explains.

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“We believe that we should all come together and help these players. Many of them are considering leaving professional tennis because they simply cannot survive financially,” he adds. Unfortunately, there are a large number of players in the group between 250 and 700 who are not supported by the federations or have no sponsors. The ATP has about 700 members and we have to try to take care of all of them. They are the foundation of tennis and the foundation of professional sport, “explains the Serb.

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In the letter, it is proposed that the top 100 players in the individual ranking and the top 20 doubles rank to contribute between $ 5,000 to $ 30,000 each on a sliding scale, to the aid fund for lower ranking players.

This would be the scale (for an estimated total of $ 1,050,000):

– From position 50 to 100: $ 5,000 each

– 20-50: $ 10,000 each

– 10-20: $ 15,000 each

– 5-10: $ 20,000 each

– 1-5: $ 30,000 each

– Top 20 doubles: $ 5,000 each

Part of this aid plan was laundered this Friday by the president of the German tennis federation, Dirk Hordoff. The leader pointed out that there was a strategy by the ITF (International Tennis Federation), the Grand Slam, the ATP and the WTA whereby players between 250th and 700th received $ 10,000 each to cope with the parate, and that these grants would come from the first 100 players in the ranking.

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With expected contributions from the Grand Slams and the ATP, total aid could exceed $ 4 million. “Grand Slam tournaments are likely to contribute $ 500,000 each,” added Djokovic. To that end, ‘Nole, Nadal and Federer have proposed to the ATP that 50 percent of the London ATP Finals endowment, ( if it is disputed) is allocated to the support fund. Or, if that doesn’t happen, consider a solution with the redistribution of the 2021 Australian Open awards.

Argentines located in the first 250 places in the ATP ranking

Argentines located between 251 ° and 500 ° location of the ATP ranking

Argentines ranked between 501 and 700 in the ATP ranking


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