The neobanks on the test bench: N26

The neobanks on the test bench: N26

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The neobank market is growing very rapidly. However, it is difficult to navigate. Challenges and Les Numériques review 10 of them. Here N26.

After an express online registration in just 8 minutes, the German neobank offers an international card (free or premium version) and some additional services. Its stripped-down interface is not the most intuitive of all, but it does offer many useful options for managing your account in real time.


• Access media: computer, mobile applications (Android and iOS), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

•Security: password + code sent by SMS to be confirmed for each identification.

•Updates: several times a month.

• Options: Distributor mapping, modification of withdrawal and payment ceilings, categorization of expenses, activation and deactivation of the card, SMS transfers, card usable when opening an account via Google Pay or Apple Pay.


• Number of offers available: 3.

• Annual cost: from 0 to 16.90 euros / month.

• Type of card offered: MasterCard.

• Price of a payment outside the euro zone: free.

• Price of a withdrawal outside the euro zone: 1.7% on the amount of the operation or free if premium account (You or Metal).

•Overdraft: yes, with an APR of 8.9%.

• Additional services: Travel insurance, rental or self-service vehicle insurance included, smartphone insurance (all insurance is included in premium accounts), consumer credit.

Note from Challenges and Digital: 7.5 / 10

The rating of establishments, carried out jointly by Challenges and the website, takes into account two categories of criteria.

Banking: number of products and services, price, ease and security of access.

Techniques: menu layout, ease of use, quality of information (automated or customizable categorization, budget summary), functional richness, analysis of user feedback on Apple and Google stores.


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