The portability break benefits Movistar and Orange and hurts MasMovil, Vodafone and Digi

The portability break benefits Movistar and Orange and hurts MásMóvil, Vodafone and Digi

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The two largest operators, Movistar and Orange, lose fewer mobile clients, while Vodafone, MasMovil and Digi see their growth dynamics cut.

The portability stoppage, decreed by the Government on March 18 -to avoid non-essential movements of customers in stores or of technicians and installers in homes and that last Tuesday was partially lifted at least for mobile lines-, It has had a considerable impact on the fixed and mobile telecommunications market. The portability ban has affected just under half the month, practically two weeks, but still, the impact, coupled with the declaration of alarm and home confinement, has drawn a month of March very different from the previous months, with a much lower level of portability.

In the mobile market, and by operators, the stoppage has mainly benefited Movistar and Orange, which are the two operators that have been maintaining a clearer dynamic of customer loss, and that their net line losses have been drastically reduced. Thus, Movistar, which lost 57,000 mobile lines in February, in March reduced the loss to only 18,000, while Orange, which left 59,000 mobile phones in February, went on to lose 40,000 in March.

On the contrary, the government decision has clearly hurt Vodafone, which had a profit of 21,000 lines in February and has reduced them to only 7,000 in March, which is also the last month of its fiscal year. The one that has harmed the most is the one that traditionally wins the most with this market, that is, MasMovil, which had won 58,000 mobile lines in February and dropped to 31,000 in March, and the other traditional winner, the Romanian Digi, who had achieved + 27,000 mobile lines the previous month and only +13,000 in March.

In the fixed market, which moves lower magnitudes, of about a third of that of mobile phones, the photo shows that MasMovil went from winning 25,000 in February to 15,000 in March, while Digi went from 4,300 to 2,900. Vodafone, which had lost 14,000 in February, made 500 in March. Orange reduced its losses from 11,200 to 7,300, while only Movistar’s losses have grown, from 19,700 fixed lines in February to 25,500 in March.

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