The Portable Sound Museum is inside an iPhone 4S, and only allows one visitor at a time

The Portable Sound Museum is inside an iPhone 4S, and only allows one visitor at a time

The Museum of Portable Sound is one of the most peculiar museums in the world. And even if you find it hard to believe, it is officially a true museum, belonging to the International Council of Museums. What’s so special about it? The Museum of Portable Sound is based inside an iPhone 4S, and can only be visited by one person at the same time.

John Kannenberg, its founder and director, is an artist who has spent all his life recording sounds all over the world. From the noise of a fan in a seedy hotel, to the sound of the waves of Lake Eire, or Sigmund Freud’s toilet after pulling the chain.

In 2015 it occurred to him to show these sounds to the world through a museum. But a museum that resides on your mobile phone. Which is not exactly modern … An iPhone 4S.

Choosing good headphones that suit your usage habits may not seem easy, but with this guide you will learn everything you need to know.

If you want to visit In this museum, you simply have to make an appointment with its director anywhere in London. He gives you a huge catalog that describes each of the sounds that are expose at The Museum of Portable Sound, while you connect your headphones to your mobile. You tell him what sound you want to hear and he looks for it in an app he has developed, and plays it.

This virtual museum has four floors with more than 30 galleries, dedicated to sounds grouped by country, utensils, or history, but also curious sections such as sounds of doors, windows or stairs.

It is a free experience, although a donation of £ 10 is requested to keep the permanent collection of musical objects that John Kannenberg has in a local. With the current crisis, his museum has had to temporarily close, but it can be visited online by arranging a video call with the director, for 10 pounds an hour. He will put the sound you want after downloading the catalog, and he will even show you the permanent exhibition of musical objects, or he will read you some of the books on display, if you want … You can see it in this video:


In these 5 years more than 1500 people have visited this The Museum of Portable Sound, in eight countries and 13 different cities. John Kannenberg has also participated in numerous conferences and talks around the world, to explain his curious proposal.

You have been asked many times to create an app with all these sounds and sell it over the Internet. But Kannenberg refuses. If he does, he is convinced that people will hear the sounds while he cooks, cleans or watches TV, and they will forget. An experience of using and throwing, as a good part of the proposals of the Internet.

He wants people to make the effort to to visit The Museum of Portable Sound, and for an hour focus only on enjoy and listen to the sounds of your museum. You want it to be an experience to be remembered for a lifetime.


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