The PP believes that the ‘Pacts of the Moncloa are an “invention of Ivan Redondo”

The PP believes that the 'Pacts of the Moncloa' are an

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Pablo Casado is opposed to reissuing other Pacts of La Moncloa (1977) but not only for underlying political reasons – he believes that a Pedro Sanchez in trouble try to give him the bear hug– but because the PP refuses to “contribute to emptying” of a Parliament already highly undercapitalized due to the forced absence during confinement, they assureVozpopuli various sources of that party.

Still, it won’t do like Santiago Abascal (Vox) and, out of institutional respect, will answer the call of the Prime Minister if he summons him to La Moncloa. Ni will even ask for a previous public meeting between the two as leader of the opposition to differentiate himself from the rest of the leaders, but first it requires knowing “for what” He calls them and if that same thing can be spoken and negotiated in Congress after its controlled reopening, on Monday, April 13.

“Tell us what it consists of”

“First they have to call and they will have to tell us what this new Redondo invention consists of”, graphically assures a source very close to the PP president, highlighting the maximum distrust that exists right now between popular and socialists, after Sanchez has been two weeks without talking on the phone with the opposition leader.

Married and theirs believe that, like the famous peak infected has not just arrived and, above all, we are already almost 16,000 dead, Sanchez needs “a smokescreen to hide the figures” and a rabbit has been removed from the top hat as evidenced, they insist, by the “infamous” intervention of the Socialist Group spokesperson, Adriana Lastra, shortly after his leader from the same rostrum of speakers this Thursday.

Today’s Spain is not 43 years ago, in which everything was to be done and the country was undergoing regime change, argues the main opposition party The problem, they insist at the Genoa headquarters, is that today’s Spain is not that of 43 years ago, when everything was yet to be done and the country was undergoing a difficult change of regime, from dictatorship to democracy. Now the only thing that can be negotiated is a hypothetical support from the opposition to the General Budget Bill 2021Yes, under “absolutely different” criteria to those contained in the PSOE-Podemos Government agreement.

The PP president already offered it to Sanchez after the elections of April 28, also after the repetition of November 10, if he did not agree to the investiture with the Catalan independentists, and he did it again the same day that the alarm status. However, after the controversial decree approved by the Council of Ministers paralyzing almost all economic activity, which the PP refused to support in Congress on Thursday, Pablo Casado has hardened his speeches to emphasize that he has his support for the state of alarm -in fact it has already voted in favor in its application and in the two extensions- but not “to ruin Spain”.

Popular ones like PNV, attend with great concern the economic devastation favored for extreme confinement “and the Government with its mistakes”, indicate the sources consulted by this newspaper. In direct contact with both the self-employed organizations and the CEOE, they want to see how the Government deals with the processing as a bill of that decree, which started Ines Arrimadas for the support of Citizens to the finalized permit for ten days in construction and basic industry.

In fact, that support orange, has allowed Sanchez not to have to seek the support of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC), the other great partner of the investiture on January 7, which has raised suspicions in Podemos. TO Pablo Iglesias does not like the dynamic that opens with new assumptions Pacts of La Moncloa Because he fears that the economic collapse will lead to early elections, or that the PSOE will turn to the center so that the Prime Minister can agree with C’s and PP on his political survival with budgets.

The employers ‘breaks’ with Podemos

The second vice-president of the Government and general secretary of the purple knows that not only PP and Citizens -of course Vox-, the CEOE employers and self-employed organizations, are wishing to end their influence on the latest measures of the Executive.

And the proof is that the president of the employers, Antonio Garamendi, after welcoming the new leftist government supporting its first great measure, the rise in the Interprofessional Minimum Wage (SMI) at 950 euros, it has now been completely removed from the announcement made by Iglesias that CEOE supports the transitional minimum living income for families most affected by the coronavirus; not so much because of the income itself, which is supported, but because of the fact that there is discomfort and reproaches for Sanchez because it is Podemos that is carrying the singing voice.

The popular people want the Prime Minister to be ‘portrayed’ in Congress, negotiating and agreeing on his survival, and not on his land in La Moncloa, which favors him politically

Both Garamendi and Casado or Arrimadas know that the PSOE / Podemos budget pact for 2021, based on an increase in collection of almost 7,000 million euros due to the increase in company tax from 15 to 18%, of the personal income tax for those who earn more than 130,000 euros, and the creation of a Google rate Or another financial transaction rate (Tobin rate), in the current state of total economic paralysis and with an estimated drop in GDP 2020 between -4 and -8% it is a pipe dream.

That is to say, that the huge public spending that requires “leaving no one behind”, as Sanchez repeats, is going to have to be financed on a debt basis, increasing this alarmingly from the current 100% of GDP to 120% or more; This will force to allocate billions in interest to pay that debt in the 2021 and subsequent budgets.

And there the PP will wait for Sanchez. He believes that the essential fiscal orthodoxy after these six months of Covid 19’s social impact will have political consequences for the coalition government, and he does not rule out that the Pacts of La Moncloa are a lure for that turn of Pedro Sanchez, the “umpteenth” for guarantee their survival. For this reason, Casado wants the Prime Minister to portray in Congress, negotiating and agreeing on that survival, and not in La Moncloa, its terrain, which favors it politically.



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