The president of Hurricane accused the establishment of breaking the agreements and threatened to terminate contracts

Hurricane recognizes debts with campus and employees and ensures that it will pay the back wages

DYN66, BUENOS AIRES 11/23/16, FERNANDO NADUR, ARRIVES TO AFA FOR STRATEGIC MEETING, AROUND TELEVISATION OF FOOTBALL.FOTO.DYN / ALBERTO RAGGIO. city ​​of buenos aires fernando nadur meeting in the affa for soccer television crisis in Argentine soccer

Hurricane President Alejandro Nadur accused the Parque Patricio club’s professional staff of breaking the agreement on payment of back wages and warned that to take care of the club’s assets, he does not rule out terminating contracts.

In a letter to the squad, the president accused the players of breaking the payment agreement they had reached after the claim started in conjunction with the Guild members and warned that in order to care for the club’s assets in the midst of a “delicate” context Economic will not hesitate to terminate contracts or not renew those that expire on June 30.

Nadur’s note sent to all members of the professional squad transpired today but was sent last Monday in response to a “massive deposit” of checks by the players when the agreement was different.

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According to Nadur, the campus broke “the agreement” on payments reached days ago in conjunction with the Guild members and chose to communicate through a letter since, according to him, the dialogue with referents was cut off “unilaterally”.

“I am going to defend the heritage of the Hurricane at any cost. You can try to tarnish my name and my honor, seek the advice of those of you who wish, and formulate all the legal actions that you think correspond to you, but they will not distort my will to defend the club interests, “Nadur said.

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On the end of the note, the president of the Globe warns that he will not hesitate to “grant freedom of action” or “not to renew any of the contracts that expire on June 30” with the aim of “shielding” the club’s assets.


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