The price of food and cleaning products up sharply

The price of food and cleaning products up sharply

Italy, Spain: lemon prices rise

The consumption of lemon, if it is rather good for health, has no direct effect on the coronavirus. Doctors are saying it. And yet, we have been witnessing for a few weeks an increase in the price of lemons on the European markets. It is the law of supply and demand. On the one hand, we have a supply that is decreasing: production this year is less good than that of last year. And on the other hand, there is an increasing demand: consumers say that a glass of squeezed lemon, these days, it does not hurt! Testimonials from farmers in Spain and Italy Marcel Tasa is a farmer near Alicante in Spain. “There is a high demand,” he explains, “because lemon is rich in vitamin C, so it’s good for the immune system. Last year we had a big production. And so the price was low. We sold the kilo of lemon for 35 euro cents. This year, there are fewer lemons. And so the kilo of lemons has increased to 80 cents. Carlo De Riso is the director of a lemon production company in Italy. “In previous years,” he explains, “we threw the lemons of inferior quality because nobody wanted them. But this year, we don’t throw anything away. Everything is sold. Price rises in stalls In France, according to a consumer association survey, the price of fresh fruit and vegetables has increased in recent weeks on supermarket shelves. Concerning the prices of organic limes, they increased by 16% between the beginning of March and the beginning of April. The price of lemons has increased by 6%. Among the explanations is the fact that international transport is disrupted by the epidemic, and that production costs in France are higher than in Spain or Italy. Another explanation: there is a strong demand for fresh products during this period of confinement, consumers being more inclined to cook themselves. Lemon prices on the main wholesale markets in France Italy, Spain and Greece are the main lemon producing countries in Europe.



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