the return of French arrogance

the return of French arrogance

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For or against a tracking and alert application for the exit from containment? The question, debated next Tuesday and Wednesday in Parliament, raises a vast controversy related to public freedoms. But the debate around this technological tool, at best complementary to the essential screening, takes a strange turn, that of the reconquest of a lost sovereignty.

The France, therefore, has allied with several European countries to circumvent Google and Apple, and develop an independent solution. But digital conquest is a difficult art. After the Swiss, Germany left the ship this Sunday. France is therefore now alone with theSpain and Italy in the usual “Club Med” of Latin countries, in debt and sometimes giving lessons. But she holds on and wears beautiful.

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In an interview to Opinion, Aymeril Hoang, “Monsieur Numérique” within the Scientific Council which surrounds Emmanuel Macron, wears the colors of France high: “The Scientific Council warned: be careful not to let private commercial interests seize the crisis to penetrate and to have a lasting impact on the public health system and its values ​​of solidarity and universality. The European consortium [?] who works on Stop Covid develops a protocol without worrying about that of Apple and Google. It is a political choice: sovereign states want to be able to develop their own health and technological solution under democratic control ”, he affirms. Do not worry about Apple and Google, here is an excellent mark of independence. Equally commendable is that sovereign states develop their own health and technological solutions. On paper?

An old French disease

It remains to be seen if and when this device, which received, with some reservations, the approval of the CNIL, will be ready to operate. May 11? Not sure, if we believe the Secretary of State for Digital Cédric O in an interview at Sunday newspaper, who takes a few precautions: “The goal is to be ready on May 11, but it’s a challenge. Challenges are great, provided you meet them. But isn’t this new wave of communication from the executive, around the country’s health sovereignty, intended to divert attention from the essential: the shortage of masks and tests? Daring to brandish the argument of national independence when one has been unable, since the beginning of the crisis, to provide sufficient quantities of these two essential elements to fight the epidemic, could be akin to a form of arrogance, old French disease.

Let us simply wish that this technological initiative ends better than other hexagonal experiments, in the field of data processing with the failure of Bull or, in digital, with the expensive and vain attempt to build a “cloud” with French ?


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