The Treasury reinforces the telephone service with the plan ‘We call you Plus’

The Treasury will replace face-to-face care by telephone from May 5 with the plan 'We call you Plus'

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The Tax Agency is finalizing a plan that will replace the face-to-face attention that is provided in the offices to prepare the income statements by a telephone advice system from the homes of the officials, according to the Independent Trade Union and Official Central (CSIF) it’s a statement. The Tax Agency currently maintains the planned schedule with an eye to the possibility that the offices will not open due to the state of alarm.

The Tax Agency will reinforce the preparation of tax returns by telephone in the face of the possibility that the measures to combat the coronavirus epidemic affect the face-to-face attention of the campaign and will launch a new service to serve taxpayers from May called We call you Plus.

With this service, users will be able to attend by appointment and make income statements by teleworking, the Independent Trade Union Central of CSIF Officials details in a statement announcing the agreement reached with the Treasury. Taxpayers will be able to request an appointment for this service from May 5 and two days later these declarations will begin to be prepared, he says.

“To develop this service from the workers’ homes, the Tax Agency establishes a series of indications, such as the provision of computer applications for the processing of declarations; of prior appointments for handling calls, helmets with a microphone, etc., and the training offer that allows the provision of services through this route will be guaranteed. ”

“The AEAT is committed to guaranteeing the conditions of security and hygiene due to the new scenario and its forecast is that face-to-face assistance in offices will be replaced by this telephone service, although it will depend on the evolution of the health situation.”

The director general of the Tax Agency, Jesús Gascón, said for his part in a telematic meeting organized by the General Council of Economists (CGE) this morning that for the moment he maintains his calendar of the 2019 income campaign: beginning of the telephone service on May 7, in person on May 13 and ending on June 30, reports Efe. Despite this, he stressed that the “absolute” priority is to fight the epidemic, so the offices will not open until possible, a date that is currently unknown.

Thus, efforts are focused at this time on reinforcing the preparation of tax returns by telephone, a possibility that already exists through the program We will call you, which will start “very strong” on May 7 and which officials can carry out in the telework mode. “This service is available by appointment, which can be requested from May 5, which could be for a specific day and time slot, since it is difficult to set a specific time.”

The income campaign, which began on April 1, has started “at an extraordinary rate” with more than 5 million returns filed so far, of which 550,000 correspond to taxpayers who went to offices last year. For the time being, the deadlines for filing company tax are also maintained, as well as the Agency’s project of transferring all the data available to the taxpayer to facilitate the preparation of the declaration.

SMEs and freelancers form

The CEO has advanced that a form will be launched for SMEs and self-employed who have submitted their statements before they can take advantage of the regulatory changes that benefit them – such as temporarily renouncing the module system or discounting the days of alarm status – can access them. Customs terms have not been able to be extended, he explained, because the European regulations apply, although the deferral of tax debts is allowed.

In general terms, he pointed out, the Agency is streamlining “everything positive” for the taxpayer, such as returns or favorable resolutions, while retaining unfavorable decisions that could “generate concern” while the deadlines remain suspended.

Regarding the evolution of the collection, Gascón has limited himself to pointing out that the results “were being very good” until the outbreak of the epidemic, which are those that are available, and that at this time it is not possible to make forecasts.

The Tax Agency has already exceeded five million tax returns received in the 2019 personal income tax campaign, so in three weeks it has received 1.5 million more tax returns compared to the same period last year, equivalent to an increase 40%.



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