The ultimate long-distance steamer – Unicat expedition vehicle MD56c MAN TGS 6×6

The ultimate long-distance steamer - Unicat expedition vehicle MD56c MAN TGS 6x6

The Unicat expedition specialists have built a new MAN 6×6. This is no longer a motorhome, but rather a luxury yacht on wheels.

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For many long-distance travelers, the real dream factory is not in Hollywood, but in Dettenheim, Baden-Württemberg. The company Unicat has been building expedition vehicles there for decades that go beyond the usual ideas of a “motorhome”. Highly off-road apartments with every conceivable living comfort to reach even the last corner of the world.

UNICAT Individual expedition vehicle MD56c MAN TGS 6×6

The latest creation of the house is called “UNICAT Individual Expedition Vehicle MD56c MAN TGS 6×6”. The heavy series of the Munich truck group MAN, popular with Unicat conversions, comes here in the three-axle version with a 2 + 2-seater L-cab and a 12.4-liter engine with 540 hp. The three driven axles are equipped with giant 14.00 R 20 off-road tires, which are fitted with alloy wheels and a tire pressure control system.

Even the equipment of the base vehicle makes hearts beat faster for off-road fans: permanent all-wheel drive with differential locks in the transfer case and all axles, branch deflectors and roof racks on the driver’s cab, LED high-beam and area lights, air-sprung leather / Alcantara comfort seats with air conditioning, Birdview camera system, Cruise control, 12-speed Tip-Matic transmission. The MAN even installed a lightning rod.

Unicat installed the in-house MD box body with a length of 5.6 meters on the chassis. A special feature of this vehicle is the passage to the driver’s cabin in the area of ​​the seating area in order to get into the driver’s cab without getting out of the living cabin. The case is attached to the frame with 3-point storage so that there is no need to fear tension in the event of entanglement.

The residential structure is designed in sandwich panel construction with GRP composite panels, glued without cold bridge and insulated all around. A wall thickness of 60 millimeters applies not only to the body, but also to the entrance door, which with double sealing keeps dust and dirt out of the living area while driving. As a security measure, all external doors and flaps have the same-key security profile cylinders, stainless steel hinges and, in the case of the entrance door, several additional locks. A central locking system with remote control controls all external locks.

5.6 meter short box body

The structure has a separate living / dining area with seating for up to six people, the center table can be lowered and the area can be converted into a double bed. The bathroom area has a porcelain toilet and a separate shower with heated towel rail. So that you don’t have to be economical when showering, the Unicat-MAN is equipped with two fresh water tanks with a total volume of 600 liters, a 60-liter water heater with heat exchanger and electric auxiliary heater takes care of the temperature of the shower water. The gray water tank holds 175 liters, the holding tank 110 liters. The pneumatic discharge valves of the waste water tanks can be operated remotely from the driver’s cab and from the body.

There is no need to sacrifice comfort in the kitchen either, even a dishwasher is on board. An induction cooker with two hotplates, a combined oven with grill and microwave and the 130- / 65-liter fridge-freezer combination offer enough potential for amateur cooks. Crockery and cooking utensils are stored on the slopes in specially adapted compartments, the teak design (the floor is also made of teak ship floor) brings the corresponding luxury look.

Finally, the separate “bedroom” houses a fixed bed with suspension and ventilation, the lying area measures 1.6 x 2.0 meters. A wide window brings light and air into the bedroom, storage compartments with teak flaps are also installed in this area.

The Unicat MAN 6×6 is self-sufficient

In order to be able to live comfortably far from any civilization, not only the water reserves are important. A warm water central heating system with 9 kW output with diesel operation, a 2.3 kW air conditioning system and additional parking heaters in the cab, which also has an additional separate roof air conditioning system, ensure a comfortable climate in the Unicat truck. The energy for construction and drive is provided on the one hand by the diesel tanks with a total capacity of 980 liters, and on the other hand by the electrical system.

This electrical system makes the Unicat MAN TGS permanently self-sufficient: a total of 24 (!) LiFeYPO4 cells with 1,200 Ah each are installed, the energy usable for consumers is 24.6 kWh. In addition to shore power and an alternator, the battery system is supplied by a large-scale solar system on the roof of the residential structure. With 1.85 kWp, the panels provide enough electricity for all situations.

In the video: The Unicat MAN TGS 6×6 with a long IN72H body

Unicat MAN 6×6 with dinghy

The 8,160 millimeter long and 3,660 millimeter high Unicat-MAN has another very special highlight to offer on the outside: “dinghies” can be carried on a 1.9 meter long, hydraulically lowerable loading platform. A full-fledged two-seat side-by- Side vehicle from Can Am. Load for this is plentiful, here the substructure of the 6×6 MAN pays off: With full water and diesel, the Unicat MAN TGS weighs 19.8 tons, with a permissible total weight of 23,000 kg you can store a lot of clothes and food .

Unicat MAN TGS – the price

Actually, the “UNICAT Individual Expedition Vehicle MD56c MAN TGS 6×6” at the Adventure & All-wheel Trade Fair should be the highlight at the Unicat booth, but it was temporarily canceled due to the corona pandemic. The vehicle is now for sale directly from Unicat. A bit of financial flexibility is a prerequisite, however, with a purchase price of around 1.4 million euros (before taxes …), the price tag is also slightly higher than off-the-shelf motorhomes.


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