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The very classy reaction of the MHSC

The very classy reaction of the MHSC

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Laurent Nicollin

Deprived of any chance of European qualification by stopping the championship, the Hérault club will not file any appeal against the LFP. In the list of clubs that plan to file an appeal against the LFP after the final stop of Ligue 1, we can cross out the name of Montpellier. The MHSC, 9th with 40 points on the clock after 28 days, has seen its hopes of European qualification soar with the cancellation of the last 10 games of the season.

“You have to have a little decency and dignity”

But unlike Olympique Lyonnais, which has the same number of points in the ranking, the Hérault club agrees to stop there. “There is no fair or unjust decision. From the moment there is no athlete, it’s complicated to validate something, reacted Laurent Nicollin on the L’Equipe channel. There is a virus that kills people, a decision had to be made. After that, that Paul doesn’t like it, that Jacques doesn’t like … “ “At some point, you have to have a little decency and dignity. There are people who die … after people who reinvent football or the rules”, added Nicollin, in a barely veiled allusion to Jean-Michel Aulas and his extravagant playoff project. “The 2019-20 season is over, let’s start on 2020-21”, advocates the Montpellier leader, full of wisdom.

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