Therefore, you should not wear makeup under a mask

Therefore, you should not wear makeup under a mask

In corona times, you should do without (too much) make-up for your skin. For the following reasons

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Avoid using iStockphoto under the face mask

Face mask and makeup: this is not a good combination. For many reasons. On the one hand, the make-up can get stuck on the mask, gradually stain it and persist despite washing it out. Of course, this is not so bad with disposable masks, but very annoying with an expensive fabric mask.

Milieu makes impure skin

Another reason why make-up under a mask is not a good idea is that the air jams between the fabric and the skin, moisture accumulates through the breath, sweat deposits and a warm environment is generally created. The result: the skin can become red, inflamed and pimples develop that can even develop into acne. Another stress factor for our skin, which already suffers from the quarantine conditions.

Make-up can break the mask

Using too much makeup can limit the mask’s function. This is especially true for medical masks. They absorb the oil in the make-up, which disrupts the air circulation. This limits the function of the mask and can make it unusable in the long run.

Résumé: Apply a moisturizer that is as oil-free as possible, but in the best case avoid using make-up or try to apply as little as possible. Plus: clean your face before you put on a mask and after you take it off.

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