These 3 tips should absolutely be observed by beginners

These 3 tips should absolutely be observed by beginners

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In times of the Corona crisis, we all become sporty (so many home workouts!) And a particularly large number are now starting to jog. This is a good thing at first, because sport is good for the cardiovascular system and brings us into the fresh air. However, you should not now lace up your running shoes and start haphazardly. With these simple tips, your running training will not only be more effective, it will also be better for your health. (Read three mistakes you should avoid while jogging here)

Expert tips for beginners

We spoke to GOtz Hohaus, responsible for the Adidas coach program in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which three tips you should definitely follow when you start jogging:

  • Appreciate yours current fitness status a: Am I healthy and do I feel fit enough to do sports? Do I have the necessary equipment? If not, do a running shoe analysis beforehand! This can also be done easily online.
  • Point two is the ideal start and the right planning: Find a good way to start running. This can be, for example, walking, which then increases to jogging or slow jogging with breaks in walking. In addition, schedule fixed appointments: run a familiar route three times a week, 30 minutes each, which you already know best from walking or cycling.
  • Stay motivated: various Running apps like Adidas Runtastic currently offer free premium memberships that include training plans, fitness exercises or nutrition tips. In addition, there are virtual sessions in which you can travel together digitally despite the current situation. (Also interesting: at what time does the workout make the most sense?)

The right running equipment

You read it again and again: In order to be able to really start jogging, the right shoes are essential. In most cases, running shoes currently have to be ordered online, which unsettles many potential athletes. But the expert is convinced that this is not a problem: “There are also very good analysis methods online that everyone can carry out at home. The most important parameters for a suitable running shoe are gender, weight, foot shape and position, leg axis position and hip and knee movement. ”

An online analysis then suggests different brands and prices. “My tip: order three pairs of shoes to choose from and then choose the shoe that best fits and in which you really feel comfortable.” Color and design should only play a subordinate role for running shoes. (Also Read: How To Look Good In Video Calls)

Which running myth can you safely forget?

There is a lot of dangerous half-knowledge about jogging right now. We therefore asked the experts directly: Which running myth can we safely forget? “Here I can think of two: Firstly, ‘running damages the joints and spine’ and ‘running on asphalt is harmful’. Both are wrong if you are not restricted in health and rely on the right equipment. ”


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