these are the richest women in the world

these are the richest women in the world

It is a tradition among the circles of power that the citizen eagerly awaits: who are the richest (in Spain and in the world). In recent years, this list that Forbes prepares annually also includes the richest women in Spain and the most powerful. Who are the richest women in Spain? Yes, we assure you that Sandra Ortega, the heiress of the Inditex group is one of the lucky ones, but there are other lesser-known names but with current accounts that have nothing to envy to the Heiress.

In fact, she is not the only one among all who is not related to food or financial investment. And there is no clear domain of women in that area. Be careful, because all that glitters is not gold. The Forbes list reveals that Of the hundred richest people in the world, there are only 26% women. And that some sneaks higher than most men.


Today we can no longer mention Amancio Ortega, owner and founder of Inditex, without referring to what is his current “heiress”. Her daughter, Sandra Ortega (she has other children), she is the richest woman in Spain, and also the second of all the women in Spain, second only, of course, to her father. According to Forbes estimates, its capital reaches 6,000 million euros. (as of its “study”, in 2019).

She has a degree in Psychology, He combines his business activity with the management of the Paideia Galiza Foundation, founded by his mother. In her family life she is simple and quite austere, a far cry from the rich image she could imagine having of the Forbes data.


Already in second place in terms of the largest female fortunes in Spain, and quite a distance from the colossal fortune of the Ortegas, is a very popular name. The Koplowitz sisters have starred in some of the biggest covers of the pink press, especially after their weddings and divorces with the Albertos (cousins ​​to each other). Despite how expensive the divorce was (they had to give part of their capital to their exes), Alicia Koplowitz, at the time Marchioness of Bellavista, remains in second place with a not inconsiderable fortune of 2,000 million euros.

This aristocrat, businesswoman, financier and patron, is one of the current owners of Construcciones y Contratas S. A., a company that she runs with her sisters.


Like the Ortega, the Pino Calvo-Sotelo also occupy the first positions in all the lists of the richest and richest in Spain. The origin of his fortune, in both brothers, is Ferrovial, the company that they have inherited from their father and that currently they are only managed by the two after their other three brothers have become detached from the direction imposed by the eldest, Rafael de Pino, yes, is the third richest woman in Spain.

María del Pino Calvo-Sotelo, who also chairs the Rafael del Pino Foundation founded by her father, has an estimated fortune of more than € 1.7 billion, and manages the estimated € 121.8 million of the Foundation.

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Unlike Rosalía Mera, the one who was the first woman of Amancio OrtegaHortensia Herrero does act as the great consort of Juan Roig, her husband and owner of Mercadona, among other lucrative businesses. She is also part of the company’s management as the second major shareholder, a fact that has earned her hobnob among the largest female fortunes in Spain. In fact, until 2019 it remained in the top 3 of the richest women in Spain. She is also in charge of the Foundation that bears her name, and which has focused her action on the cultural sphere, and more specifically on the restoration of old buildings. How much does Forbes estimate his fortune? Nothing more and nothing less than 1600 million euros.


In the business world, Daurella is hopelessly associated with Coca – Cola European Partners. Indeed, as happened with Alicia Koplowitz and María del Pino Calvo-Sotelo, Sol Daurella has taken over, along with her sister, the empire that her father managed to build. However, her resume does not end there, as she combines the ship of Happiness with her work as a director of Banco Santander and the company Cobega. In his case, he has no management position in other foundations. He doesn’t like appearing in the media, and in fact, he never gives interviews, so the general public hardly associates his image with that of the company. According to Forbes, his fortune amounts to 1.6 billion euros.


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The sixth richest woman in Spain, Helena Revoredo, current president of Prosegur, also maintains a more professional and executive profile than given the covers of the pink press. To his credit, being the pilot during Banco Popular’s greatest success or growing Endesa. Of the latter still He combines his position on the Board of Directors with the management of Prosegur. Of Hispanic-Argentine origin, his fortune currently exceeds 1400 million euros.

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