They create a hydrogel that cools your phone and can charge it at the same time

They create a hydrogel that cools your phone and can charge it at the same time

The heating of our mobile affects its operation and durability. Photo: EFE Marc Arcas

Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles (United States) and Wuhan University (China) have developed a hydrogel that is capable of cooling electronic devices and converting their hot residual in electricity.

It has happened to all of us. Using electronic devices for too long can cause them to overheat, which makes them slow down, damage its components or even they can explode or catch fire. This happens when some components of electronic devices, such as batteriesLEDs or microprocessors generate heat during operation. Overheating, as we say, can reduce efficiency, reliability and device life, in addition to being a waste of Energy.

As he tells us SciTechDailyTo try to alleviate this problem, Xuejiao Hu, Kang Liu, Jun Chen and their colleagues set out to design a thermogalvanic hydrogel smart i could convert waste heat to electricityat the same time that the temperature of the device dropped. To date, scientists have developed devices that can do one or the other, but not both at the same time.

First with these characteristics

The team made a hydrogel consisting of a polyacrylamide framework infused with water and specific ions. When the hydrogel is heated, two of the ions (ferricyanide and ferrocyanide) transfer electrons between electrodes, thereby generating electricity. Meanwhile, the water inside the hydrogel evaporates, cooling it down. After use, the hydrogel regenerates by absorbing water from the surrounding air.

To demonstrate the new material, something they tell in the scientific journal ‘ACS ’Nano Letters‘the researchers connected him to a battery mobile phone during fast download. Some of the residual heat became five watts of electricity and the battery temperature decreased by 20 degrees. The reduced working temperature ensures safe operation of the battery, and the electricity harvested is sufficient to control the battery or control the cooling system.


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