“They have thanked me”


Most of those who continue to go to their jobs during these days of quarantine have found themselves under the control of the Civil Guard, which monitors that citizens do not leave the house unless it is strictly necessary. That has happened to the presenter of ‘Informativos Telecinco 15:00’, David Cantero, who on the way to the Mediaset studios has been recognized by an agent.

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David Cantero, presenter of ‘Informativos Telecinco

“Today something has happened to me that has made me proud, that has encouraged me to continue doing our homework as well as possible every day,” he explained already from the newsroom writing through Instagram. ‘I have been stopped at a control and the Civil Guard agent who has asked me for the documentation, after recognizing me, He has thanked me from the heart for what we do, for telling what is happening and trying to raise awareness to stay at home ‘, he recalled with satisfaction.

“I have been the most grateful, of course, and so I have let him know,” he stressed to put in value the work of the security forces and bodies, before issuing a warning to supporters. ‘It was raining seas and there they were, soaked and doing their duty, controlling so that a handful of cretins who take this as a joke, do not spoil everything that with so much sacrifice most of us are achieving‘, c I will not tire of repeating it: that handful of miserable people who bypass the rules and the confinement, a few thousand, put us all in danger and we have to unmask and denounce them.’

Quarantine image

David Cantero has been at the forefront of the noon news in Telecinco throughout this quarantine. The man from Madrid has witnessed the evolution of the pandemic and has also become the protagonist of one of the most curious images of this stage, when he taught with Isabel Jimenez to carry out an adequate hand washing with disinfectant gel in direct.


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