they rent temporary accommodation to avoid a divorce

they rent temporary accommodation to avoid a divorce

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In Japan, a company offers short-term rentals, especially for couples who want to take a break.

Before considering divorce, call us“: A company in Japan appropriately adapted its message in these times of confinement in front of the Covid-19, by suggesting to married people to take a break in its short-term rental apartments. On its website, Kasoku, a local competitor of Airbnb, is now promoting its furnished accommodation as “temporary sheltersAvailable to those who want to get away from their families for a while, whether to work more comfortably or to clear their minds.

Kasoku came up with this idea after hearing about divorces in China or Russia after the containment measures, said Kosuke Amano, a spokesperson for the company. It offers a rather affordable entry fee of 4,400 yen (37.50 euros) per night, with the free 30-minute option of consulting a lawyer specializing in divorce procedures.

Launched on April 3, this communication campaign has already won over twenty customers. “Among our clients, we have a woman who preferred to leave after a big argument with her husband, and another who wanted time for her, because she is tired of managing the children all day, since the schools are closed, during that her husband is telecommuting“, He detailed. If the company has built its offer in a light tone, it has nevertheless attracted people with serious difficulties, including a woman victim of domestic violence.

Kasoku has around 500 homes across the country, mainly in Tokyo, which are currently mostly empty due to the collapse of tourism, although demand for remote offices can partially offset this impact. The company launched its campaign when the hashtag “# corona-divorce” was among the main trends on Twitter in Japan. Even the public television channel NHK now delivers, in a morning program, advice to avoid couple conflicts during this period of confinement.


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