this activity which it restricts to the maximum

this activity which it restricts to the maximum

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Kate Middleton, a “very strict” mother: this activity which she limits to the maximum

During this confinement, Kate Middleton does not intend to leave her children in front of the television or the tablets. The Duchess of Cambridge prefers that her toddlers thrive in nature while playing sports or looking after the vegetable patch. A “very strict” mom who only wants their good.

For several weeks now, the British, like the French, Italians and Spaniards, have been confined to their homes to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Like millions of children, George and Charlotte, the children of Kate Middleton and William, born can’t go to school until further notice and to occupy them, you have to redouble your imagination and not give in to ease. At the start of the confinement, Prince William had conceded that he was going to accept that his young spent a little more time than usual in front of the television, but that was without counting on his wife.

Katie Nicholl, specialist of the royal family, tells in the Daily Mail than the Duchess of Cambridge is “very strict“about screens and don’t”not allow George, Charlotte or Louis to have a screen each. Kate Middleton is a cool mom who wants to encourage the creativity of her children during this confinement, rather than seeing them all day on tablets.

The royal expert revealed: “During this period, the focus will be on arts and crafts, painting and things not related to the screens “. And for good reason, Kate Middleton is very fond of time spent on a tablet or watching television and prefers to see them frolicking in nature. “They have climbing frames, swings and a pond. Then each child is responsible for their own small part of the vegetable patch, “she revealed in the columns of our colleagues.


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