this could be your design

this could be your design

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Second quarter of the year and Apple has already spent one of the most important bullets of the year: the iPhone SE 2020. There is no doubt that the device has caught the attention of many with having a cheap iPhone in your pocket, but it may the terminal that we will see in the future is what most attracts the company’s attention. And it is that today we have seen what could be the definitive design of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

This could be the new powerful device from Apple

Leaks from Apple devices are always the most expected during the year. There are 365 days in which users fantasize about the new terminal in the first months, but as the date of the presentation approaches, the rumors are more and more solid. This is what is happening now with the iPhone 12, the long-awaited device of the bitten apple. This time, the filtered terminal has been the most powerful version of the family so it is time to talk of the exterior of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

According to the video posted by YouTube user EverythingApplePro, the device returns to the roots of the iPhone 5. That is, the terminal will not have rounded edges as it was presenting until now and instead it will have beak-finished bezels. Its thickness will also increase and that is due to the characteristic that we are going to talk about in the next paragraph.

The back would have a glass as we have seen in recent editions, in addition to a module dedicated to no less than four sensors. These occupy all this space and as a curiosity will put the flash in the center. And what does this have to do with the previous section? it turns out that the module won’t protrude as much as it does in the iPhone 11 Pro, so there will be more space to put more things on the motherboard.

And it is that the interior of the device is still a mystery. Nothing is known yet whether it will be the company’s first 5G device., although seeing how the Android market advances, the bitten apple is almost forced to put a version with this connectivity.

With or without a notch?

This is one of the big questions that many ask about the next Cupertino terminal. All the leaks point out that they will have it, although it could be smaller than on other occasions. This will be one thing we will know over time, but we still have months ahead to confirm it.


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