this cult film that his days look like

this cult film that his days look like

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Olivier Veran: this cult film that his days look like

In an interview with Society magazine, the Minister of Solidarity and Health Olivier Veran revealed that his daily life resembled the cult film “Un jour sans fin”, with the famous Bill Murray. It must be said that humans are “fully mobilized” because of the coronavirus.

Since he was appointed Minister of Solidarity and Health, replacing Agnes Buzyn, who had gone to campaign for the municipal elections in Paris, Olivier Veran has not stopped! The companion of Coralie Dubost connects the interventions on television or in the press to evoke the health crisis of the coronavirus which he tries to manage as best he can. Besides, Olivier Veran seems somewhat exhausted by his endless days as he made it clear to the magazine Society published Thursday April 2, 2020.

The 39-year-old explained that his daily life looked like “to an endless day, confirming in passing that it was a reference to the cult comedy released in 1993 in which Bill Murray is imprisoned every day of the same day. “The only difference is that he always wakes up before his alarm rings” and his first gesture is “obviously to look at the messages which would have arrived during the deep night”. It is only after this first gesture that her day really begins.

How to live this major health crisis when one is Minister of Health? “There is no weekend, “warns Olivier Veran. And to add: Saturdays and Sundays are fully-fledged days, fully worked. “ The neurologist who still practiced at the Grenoble hospital before being appointed to the government assures and assumes it: “In epidemic management, this is normal. We must be fully mobilized. Everyone is on deck all the time.

A mobilization that has not gone unnoticed: in a month and a half – since his appointment to replace Agnes Buzyn – Olivier Veran has become the most popular minister in the government. In return, whoever is going to celebrate his 40th birthday this month, is forced to make sacrifices: reclusive in his Parisian ministry, he has not been able to see his children, who stayed with their mother in Grenoble, since March 15. ..


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