This is how the April full moon affects your zodiac sign

This is how the April full moon affects your zodiac sign

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The full moon is on the night of April 7th and 8th! But not an ordinary one, because it is a pink super moon, which reaches its climax exactly at 4:35 in the morning and fills the phenomenon with its magical energy all around. We clarify what the April super moon means for your zodiac sign and whether it really shines pink …

Pink Supermoon: Why April Full Moon is Special

The April full moon is a real natural spectacle, which already suggests the name “Pink Supermoon”. But everything in order: A super moon is a moon that comes particularly close to our earth and therefore appears significantly larger and brighter than usual. However, the super moon – which will be the largest of the year – does not shine in pink, but as usual in a whitish light.

The term “pink” is based on the traditional moon names of the natives of North America. These always allude to natural phenomena – in April, for example, the fire flowers begin to bloom in rich pink. And that’s why this pretty name has been established for the fourth full moon of the year.

And the pink moon also has a special meaning in astrology: It therefore has a particularly intensive impact on our lives. Because the full moon is accompanied by the Libra zodiac sign, it focuses on interpersonal relationships and promotes love life. We explain in detail how each zodiac reacts to this energy in the horoscope.

Full moon horoscope: This is how the Pink Supermoon influences your zodiac sign


For Aries, the week of the super moon is all about love life. The zodiac sign puts its own needs in the background and focuses entirely on the wishes of the partner. It is the ideal time to work on relationships, clarify problems and create new harmony. Singles also have the opportunity to deepen flirting and should not hold back.


Bulls have the task of finding their balance in the full moon days. The zodiac sign tends to get totally lost in love matters or in the job. Try to find more balance (the Libra energy helps) and create a new work-life balance. This promotes personal well-being and helps to strengthen troubled relationships again.


The moon and Venus now act simultaneously on the zodiac sign Gemini and provide a boost in love life and a lot of creativity. Your mood rises rapidly, because ideas flow in the job and there is also a romantic mood in love. With your new, creative power, single twins are bound to come up with new ways to flirt from the sofa …


The crescent moon is overwhelming for crabs because the zodiac is particularly sensitive to its energy. Because these issues focus on the family and partnerships, there can also be disputes here. Because you are now particularly vulnerable and irritable and take any criticism personally. Our tip? Better focus on the job, because here the full moon brings new inspiration.


The super moon makes lions the drama queen. You are in a belligerent mood and make a huge discussion out of every discrepancy. Above all, this can strain your relationship. It works better in the job, because the full moon promotes the communication of lions and so it is great to negotiate and connect – even from the home office.


Virgins feel somewhat lonely with the full moon and seek contact with their fellow men. You are in a super open mood and show your warm, empathetic side. This can strengthen friendships (schedule video chat!) And ensures fresh harmony in relationships. Singles should now also make contact with a flirt, because the full moon makes the sparks fly.


Scales are totally focused on themselves during the full moon because it brings change to your life. You want to make your everyday life happier and really take off after the Corona crisis – time to make plans! The moon energy supports you in this, because your head is clear and so you can find out what really fills you – and which topics need to be let go.


Scorpions react sensitively to the super moon and experience a chaos of emotions. Focus on the job? None, because you are only concerned with your feelings. Relationship issues buzz around in the head of the scorpions as well as thoughts about the ex-partner and family matters. Our tip? Don’t just push the feelings aside, but take your time. Clarifying discussions also help.


The super moon makes shooters romantic: You miss date nights in your favorite restaurant with your sweetheart or the wild dating life. To avoid falling into a mood depression, you should imitate your love life as creatively as possible at home. A dinner from the delivery service in a glamorous outfit, candlelight or – for singles – a new dating app helps you to savor the flirty mood.


For Capricorns, love around the full moon has top priority and you want more closeness and deep conversations with your partner. The relationship can grow these days – the Libra influence ensures pure harmony and feelings in love. Singles, on the other hand, feel a little lonely and should look for a phone call with family or dear friends. It is good to exchange ideas now and dream together of better days.


Aquarians absorb the super moon energy less well. You may now feel restless, thoughtful, and dive deep into your mind. Topics can come to the surface that you have displaced in the past and these need to be worked on now. That may feel a bit uncomfortable, but after the full moon you feel like you are revitalized and can finally get back to the here and now.


The super moon stands for fish in the sign of transformation and gives you the impetus to end something in your life that has not felt good for a long time. Whether an on-off relationship with the ex, a toxic friendship or laziness that has spread throughout your everyday life – it’s time to complete this phase and start a new, more fulfilling life. The moon helps with this and is the ideal time for a fresh start.


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