This is how the tourism industry in Spain faces the coronavirus

This is how the tourism industry in Spain faces the coronavirus

And what about travelers who had hired a vacation? As already explained Digital Economy In this guide on cancellations, and in addition to the European regulations that protect passengers affected by flight cancellations (yes, airlines must return the amounts paid, not only offer to exchange them for bonuses), most airlines, such as Amercian Airlines, Vueling, Qatar Airways, Iberia or British Airways it is easing its exchange and cancellation policies.

This relaxation also extends to cruises, hotels and other accommodations. Since, which decided to allow customers the cancellation, free of charge, of non-refundable rate reservations, to Airbnb, which from March 14 to April 14 facilitates free cancellations, and Vrbo, which fully reimburses the service fee on bookings made before March 13 with stays between March 13 and April 30.

The cruise company Norwegian Cruise Line offers ‘Peace of Mind’, a cancellation policy that allows cancellation up to 48 hours before the date of departure for holidays until September 30, 2020. Most companies, however, encourage you to seek dating alternatives to reservations already done instead of cancel.

Repatriations also count. Due to the closing of borders in many countries, airlines organize repatriation flights to return these passengers to their homes. Iberia, in the case of Spain, or Latam in Latin America they are just some examples.


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