This is what men think about their lover qualities

This is what men think about their lover qualities

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What is good sex? This is what men and women think about their lover qualities

What makes a good lover? We have the answer. And: Why men torment themselves with self-doubt and women are brimming with sex self-confidence.How was I? When it comes to the most beautiful thing in the world, everyone wants to be the best – right? Especially as a single you can let off steam. The sex partners change more often and you gain new experiences. But many singles are not particularly sure about their bed qualities. Yes, the men of creation also torment themselves Self-doubt. We women, on the other hand, are the ones with greater self-confidence when it comes to bedroom sports. What is important

Good sex: This is how singles rate their sex qualities

A survey by the online dating portal Parship has now shown: Especially single ladies bristle with confidence in bed. More than half of the female respondents consider themselves a super lover. The men, on the other hand, don’t think much of their lover qualities. Only 39 percent would claim to be a good lover. Dear men, a little more self-confidence please!

Confidence in bed: that’s what makes a good lover

There are quite a few Sex myths… the man should always be the dominant one or the female orgasm is almost out of reach. But what really makes good sex? What do men and women like? actually in bed?

equal rights

For most of the singles interviewed, the key to indescribably good sex is equality of sex partners. 62 percent state that they ensure that everyone gets their money’s worth. Because of ego gas! Everyone should have fun. Above all, men think so. You are rather selfless in bed and want to give your partner an incredible orgasm. So guys, take your time and concentrate fully on your partner. Then it also works with the female climax.

Willingness to experiment

Men especially get up experimental enthusiasts. For her, variety in the bedroom is essential if sex is to be really good. Women see it a little differently. They tend to be less surprised with unusual practices. But honestly: something new can always be exciting. And if you don’t like it, just tick it off under “done but not to be repeated”.


Okay, this myth is true. Most singles find it more appealing, though the man takes the dominant role in sex. But that doesn’t mean that we women lie motionless. Strive for ladies and bring in some ideas. How about, for example, the elephant position or the Viennese oyster?

So when it comes to good love qualities, men and women are not always completely in agreement. Most importantly, therefore the communication! Tell your partner what you like and what you don’t. Try a lot together and sometimes test new positions. And above all: be confident! Nothing is more attractive than a woman who loves hers Sexually proud and passionate.


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