This will change in traffic from April 28, 2020

This will change in traffic from April 28, 2020

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Amended road traffic regulations from April 28th

From Tuesday April 28, 2020 the revised Road Traffic Act (StVO) applies. Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer has now announced in Berlin the entry into force of the changes already decided in February. Under the new regulations there are a number of significantly more severe penalties, even for minor violations.

First the core items at a glance:

  • From 16 km / h too much on the speedometer there are points
  • Improper parking is significantly more expensive – speed camera apps are prohibited
  • Minimum distance when overtaking cyclists and setting up a bicycle zone
  • Truck: Turn right only at walking pace in urban areas

If the driver of a car exceeds truck or Motorcycle a urban The current speed limit of 16 km / h will be punished with one point in the future. A driving ban now threatens too much from 21 km / h, plus two points. Also out of town the limit drops: a month’s driving ban and two points are now set from a violation of 26 km / h.

Those associated with speeding Fines have also been increased significantly in the amendment. 30 euros are charged if the speed is exceeded up to 10 km / h, from 16 km / h 70 euros are to be paid in urban areas and 60 euros are to be paid in extra-urban areas. The rates from 21 km / h rise to 80 euros or 70 euros, from 26 km / h 100 euros are charged in urban areas and 80 euros out of town.

The increases are justified with the hope of encouraging drivers to “behave in a more compliant manner” and to reduce the number of accidents with injuries and deaths. The previous differentiation within the sanctions between cars, trucks and motorcycles has been deleted without replacement.

The StVO amendment also goes hand in hand with a more restrictive approach to illegal parking and improved protection for cyclists. That’s how it is unauthorized parking in a disabled parking space by 20 euros more expensive and now costs 55 euros. This sentence also applies to Parking in the second row or on footpaths and bike paths.

Amended road traffic regulations from April 28th

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Amended road traffic regulations from April 28th

If there is a traffic disruption, 70 euros and one point are due, in the event of a hazard 80 euros and one point. The use of so-called Speed ​​camera apps on smartphones is prohibited.

A primary goal of the StVO changes is the Protection of cyclists. Vehicles at intersections must now keep a greater distance when parking on a cycle path. When overtaking processes of single-track vehicles (cyclists and e-scooters) is in town Minimum distance of 1.5 meters to be observed, even from 2 meters outside

In narrow spaces where this minimum distance can presumably not be maintained, the overtaking of single-track vehicles can be prohibited by means of a sign. Municipalities can now too Bicycle zones sign out in which other traffic can be released by additional signage. A green arrow rule can now only be identified for cyclists.

For trucks weighing 3.5 tonnes or more, turning right is in town mandatory walking pace committed if bicycle and foot traffic can be expected. All drivers are always asked to take the turn in time by blinking announce. The two-wheelers should also behave carefully, for example at traffic lights never stop to the right of the truck.


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