Three members of a WhatsApp group created to “attack” police are arrested

Three members of a WhatsApp group created to

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The Policeman He has reported the arrest of three members of a WhatsApp group, made up of about 100 people, aimed at launching “slogans” to “attack” the agents, and has specified that one of them even called 091 for a false robbery ” in order to throw objects »at the displaced troops.

At the daily press conference of the technical committee against the coronavirus, the deputy director general for Logistics and Innovation of this Corps, Jose Garcia Molina, reported the arrest of three members of this group of the messaging chat, two of them administrators.

Most of its members came from Algeciras and “by means of audios and messages” they organized themselves “to entrench themselves in some area and attack the Police”, also causing public disorder, as explained by the chief commissioner.

The third detainee, the police command has continued, allegedly made a call to 091 “alerting of a false robbery in order to throw an object at the police crews who had moved to the scene.”

After being arrested, the three were brought to justice for the crimes of public disorder, attack against an agent of the authority and damages.

The chief commissioner has also alerted again to the dissemination of hoaxes during the state of alarm, specifically the circulation these days of a “falsified image” of the Official State Gazette (BOE) indicating that the Government authorized to go running.

This image had the “own characteristics of the BOE”, in terms of format and logo, although it was “evident” that its content was “unreal and humorous.”

Garcia Molina has attributed the creation of this image to the “result of the author’s boredom and confinement” and pointed out that it was “quickly denied” by the Police, although he recalled that when hoaxes are given “official status” they can lead citizens to error and “generate situations of social alarm and against public order”.


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