Three robbers who robbed pharmacies in Madrid fall

Three robbers who robbed pharmacies in Madrid fall

Two agents of the local police in Seville talk to a pharmacist at the door of their premises

The National Police has arrested three robbers carrying firearms after allegedly robbing 11 pharmacies in the capital, The police body has reported in a statement.

With firearms

The robbers wielded firearms to threaten employees and fled the scene after taking the money from the box. These arrests, along with the arrest of two other alleged robbers in the past week, have allowed clarify 19 robberies to pharmacies committed in Madrid since the declaration of the state of alarm.

The investigation began after detecting several robberies with violence and intimidation in pharmacies in the Community of Madrid. The Superior Police Headquarters of Madrid launched a specific device and found a similar modus operandi, which led them to identify and arrest three people.

19 heists in one week

This operation is in addition to another carried out last week in which it stopped two robbers when they robbed a pharmacy in Carabanchel. The performance of a plainclothes policeman who noticed the robbery allowed him to be frustrated. Subsequent steps revealed the alleged involvement of those arrested in a total of eight robberies.

With these two operations, the National Police has cleared a total of 19 robberies in Madrid pharmacies in just one week.

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