Toby Alderweireld’s tribute to a Spurs fan paramedic

Toby Alderweireld's tribute to a Spurs fan paramedic

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Toby and the medics.

In the midst of an epidemic crisis, Toby Alderweireld wanted to give a smile to Tayla Porter, an Englishwoman working in the medical field. In a now viral video, we saw the young paramedic surprised by the applause of her neighbors, as she went to her workplace. The Tottenham defender came across this scene and learned that she was a big fan of Spurs.

So, this Friday, the Belgian wished to surprise her by calling her to congratulate her: ” You are heroes who do not get the recognition they deserve. In football, when you win a trophy, you are directly recognized. But you go to work and do a lot for so many people and you don’t get enough recognition.

This makes you want to go to work with a smile.



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