Transdev CEO pleads for masks but no social distancing in public transport

Transdev CEO pleads for masks but no social distancing in public transport

The CEO of Transdev advocates wearing a mandatory mask in public transport, failing to be able to respect social distancing.

Failing to be able to enforce social distancing in public transport, the CEO of Transdev Thierry Mallet pleads for the wearing of the mandatory mask, when the deconfinement begins. It is in this sense that with other bosses in the public transport sector, he wrote to the Prime Minister. He explains, in Good Morning Business: “Today, we are less than 10% of frequentation in public transport with an offer between 30 and 50% so there is no issue of barrier gestures With the recovery we will end up tomorrow with probably a traffic of around 30 to 40%, we will increase our offer between 50 and 70% but we will not be able to respect everywhere the distance of one meter “warns- he.

“It is therefore essential that everyone can wear masks to be able to be closer on public transport,” says Thierry Mallet.

There is also, according to him, “a lot of work to do on the smoothing of the tip (peak attendance, Editor’s note) not to end up in crowded transport”. He argues in favor of a “time difference at the level of schools, companies and administrations to ensure that we have a tip as smooth as possible”.

While Agnes Pannier-Runacher has just announced that the government will put masks available to French people from May 4 next, the question now is whether we will have enough. “We will indeed need a lot of masks” confirms Thierry Mallet. “The idea is to use reusable consumer masks, which companies will probably supply to their employees too.” For the deconfinement planned for May 11, the leader “thinks that we can trust people to find solutions, put on a scarf to protect ourselves while we go to their business and recover their mask”.

While the Élysée seems to hesitate on this “barter” between the mask and social distancing, Thierry Mallet warns that, “if we must respect the distancing, public transport will have to run at 10% of their capacities and we would then not be able to play our part. ” “For health safety in transport to be respected, we need more disinfection, better control of the tip and masks for everyone,” insists the leader of the transport group.

He also evokes the “risk of a massive return to the car” and evokes the Chinese deconfinement, where people fled public transport in favor of their car or a bicycle. “There are very desirable transfers to cycling or walking, but it must not either translate into a terrible craze for the car. The goal is not that the deconfinement gives rise to a return massive towards a new evil which is that of the car “concludes Thierry Mallet.


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