Trump’s bloodshed at press conference

Trump's bloodshed at press conference

Addicted to verbal jousts with the media, Donald Trump held one of the busiest press conferences since the start of the coronavirus crisis on Monday.


On Monday evening, the President of the United States decided to devote more than half an hour of his daily press conference on the coronavirus pandemic to one objective: to criticize the press and to congratulate himself on the work accomplished. “The most important thing is to talk about the reason we are here: our success,” said Donald Trump, between two insults to the journalists present. Ever since he got into the habit of speaking to cameras every day, Donald Trump never misses an opportunity to criticize the media and praise his administration’s “success” against the pandemic. Monday, however, the exchange took a particularly acrimonious turn.

The president was reportedly backfired against a large New York Times investigation, which details how Donald Trump and his teams should have reacted sooner and stronger to the arrival of the pandemic. Donalding several series of dates, Donald Trump tried Monday to demonstrate that he had been mobilized since January. “Everything has been documented. There is so much fake news, I like to document things, “he said. “On January 21, there was a case of the virus; a case. And am I supposed to shut down the government? The best economy in the history of the world? “Shut up, we have a case!” (…) No one was dead! ”He protested. Then: “On January 31, no one was dead and I limited travel from China. (…) I was brutally attacked by the press. I have been brutally attacked for four years. Before I got into politics, it was fine for me. But I imagine I’m doing it, because to my knowledge, I am the President of the United States, despite what is said. ”

A propaganda clip

Donald Trump then left the podium to broadcast a short film, worthy of an election propaganda clip, supposed to demonstrate that the administration was exemplary in its management of the crisis.

© Supplied by Paris Match
Donald Trump released a short film to reporters on Monday. On the screen, an accusation: “The media minimized the risks from the start”. © LEAH MILLIS / REUTERS

“If we did that, it was to make sure you were honest. I don’t think it will work, “Donald Trump told reporters after joining the microphone. He then got very angry at the questions from a CBS reporter, who said, “Your argument is that you saved time. But what was the use of this time saved for? You haven’t prepared hospitals, you haven’t increased the number of tests. ” Trump replied, “You are a shame,” before attacking Democratic candidate Joe Biden. “We did a great job,” he insisted. Then he blamed states for not being able to “buy their own stuff” and expecting too much from the federal government. He also pointed to the Obama administration, which had already anticipated a pandemic to the point of organizing a briefing of the Trump team at the time of the handover in January 2017.

During this chaotic exchange, Donald Trump also claimed that he never intended to dismiss Dr. Anthony Fauci, when he retweeted a message on Sunday calling for his departure.

CBS reporter and Donald Trump exchange

After 1h15 of exchanges, the president let his exasperation appear. After declaring that he had all the authority to impose on states his will in terms of containment, Donald Trump did not appreciate that a journalist pointed out to him that the Constitution does not allow it. “Who told you that the president has this authority?” Asked the reporter. “Enough is enough,” snapped the head of state.

On Monday, the death toll in the United States was 23,607 dead.



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