Urbanism publishes the new models of responsible declaration for works, change of use and use of buildings

Urbanism publishes the new models of responsible declaration for works, change of use and use of buildings

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Salvador Fuentes

As reported by the City Council in a note, on March 13, 2020 Decree-Law 2/2020, of March 9, on the improvement and simplification of the regulation for the promotion of productive activity in Andalusia, which has with the aim of adopting a series of extraordinary and urgent measures aimed at improving economic regulation, promoting activity in Andalusia, counteracting the economic slowdown and laying the foundations for reorienting the Andalusian production model to make it more competitive and sustainable.

This decree addresses the modification of certain regulations -among others, the Andalusian urban planning legislation- that hinder the access or exercise of a productive activity to entrepreneurs and companies and is committed to simplifying procedures and reducing unjustified or disproportionate administrative requirements for, in this way, promote economic development and the creation of quality employment.

For the effective and immediate application of these measures foreseen in urban planning, the president of the GMU, Salvador Fuentes (PP), has issued a resolution approving, among others, the standardized models of responsible declaration, among others, which will be incorporated successively, relating to the execution of works and changes of use in buildings, as well as for the occupation / use of buildings in the terms provided in the recently incorporated article 169 bis 1. of the LOUA, which will be published on the GMU website for the general knowledge and the widest possible dissemination.

In this way, Cordoba, through its Municipal Urban Planning Office, is “the first city in Andalusia to make the effective practical application of the measures that, in terms of Urban Planning, the Junta de Andalucia decreed on March 9, extremely important relevance in relation to the promotion of local business activity linked to the productive sector of the real estate industry, “stressed the president.

For Salvador Fuentes, “this new form of control, consisting of ex-post administrative intervention, will affect a significant proportion of the works: both those of little construction -minor works-, as well as those of more complex reforms, provided that do not alter parameters of occupation, height or buildability “.

In the same way, the measures also affect other interventions related to change of use and occupation and use of buildings, reserving the prior authorization technique -license- to the new plant works and to those of reform that do involve alteration of the referred parameters .

Ultimately, it is a matter of eliminating unnecessary burdens for the development of economic activities in building acts, contributing to greater competitiveness and productivity that favors job creation in the sectors involved and an improvement in the efficiency of public administration involved in these processes, “said Fuentes.

He also added that “with the same speed these models of responsible declaration will be implemented for activities subject to environmental prevention procedures, thus substantially reducing the forms provided for the different interventions.”


On the other hand, during the state of alarm, the Municipal Urban Planning Management has recovered its activity by implementing telework, providing the urban information service via telematics, the municipal technicians answering the queries that are being made by the interested parties, trying to keep in at all times the dialogue with citizens, technicians and stakeholders.

In fact, the president of the Municipal Planning Department has recognized “the work and commitment” of the GMU staff and its various services, despite the difficulties that the current situation entails.


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